Gold Level – Accelerate Your Career: 90 Days of Power

This is the best plan for managers, leaders, coaches and trainers who want to fast track their results and success as a leader due to personal goals for achievement or career related pressure.

This program is designed to accomplish two objectives. First, to dramatically enhance your skills as a leader through readings, videos, application exercises, and assessments, you’ll be challenged to brilliantly execute on the management practices. Second, to revolutionize the performance of your employees. Leadership is influence – as you improve and change your leadership approaches, your employees will become more motivated and engaged about the jobs they’re doing.

Why are we doing this program at a cost that is 8 to 10 times less than most leadership programs? Management derailment studies show that 50%-67% of managers fail. It doesn’t have to be you. It doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars to improve your skills. You do have to want to do a better job and be willing to put in the time to learn and practice proven and practical approaches. We’ve been consulting with and training managers for over 20 years and have worked with over 250,000 managers. Through our experience and research, we have distilled what the best managers do above all of the rest. We want to make a difference with more managers. So, we have put together this program at the lowest possible investment so that any leader can participate. Take a look at our comprehensive agenda and enroll today! If your company won’t pay for it, invest in yourself and your future success!

NOTE: Another reason we’re offering this program at such a low price is we will ask all participants to complete short surveys before and after the program related to their experience,  challenges, and progress achieved. This will enable us to better serve other managers in the future. Thereby, helping us to make a difference in leadership effectiveness.

This program includes:

  • Confidential coaching questionnaire about goals for development
  • Access to our exclusive membership site for the Superstar Leadership Video Training Series, 12 high-powered 40-60 minute in-depth leadership training videos that coincide with the book.
  • A copy of Doug and Rick’s Superstar Leadership Self-Study Plan: Superstar Leadership book, Superstar Leadership Workbook, the 68-question Superstar Leadership Assessment and action planning guide
  • 3 Leadership Training Webinars
  • Power-Packed Schedule:
    • Week 1: Begin reading the book, approximately 2-3 “chapters” a week for 90 days to accelerate your career and performance. Most “chapters” are 4 to 6 pages. Begin completing the workbook. Take SuperSTAR Leadership Assessment. Complete action plan.
    • Week 2: Watch Leadership training video #1: How to Be a SuperSTAR Leader
    • Week 3: Watch Leadership training video #2: SuperSTAR Coaching
    • Week 4: Watch Leadership training video #3: SuperSTAR Planning. Review and update action plan. Attend Webinar: 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers
    • Week 5: Watch Leadership Training video #4: How to Motivate People
    • Week 6: Watch Leadership Training video #5: Providing Effective Training
    • Week 7: Watch Leadership Training video #6: How to Lead Yourself and Others Toward Positive Change
    • Week 8: Watch Leadership Training video #7: Managing with Flexibility. Review and update action plan. Attend Webinar: 10 Keys to Employee Engagement
    • Week 9: Watch Leadership Training video #8: How to Drive Performance and Employee Engagement
    • Week 10: Watch Leadership Training video #9: Continuous Improvement in Quality and Service
    • Week 11: Watch Leadership Training video #10: Hiring the Best People-Everything Begins with a Commitment to Excellence
    • Week 12: Watch Leadership Training video #11: Leading Innovation in the Workplace
    • Week 13: Watch Leadership Training video #12: Execution and Excellence. Review and update action plan. Attend Webinar: GoalPower
  • Investment: One-time payment of $297 OR $197 up front and second payment of $197 at 30 days.

Some of you may be thinking, “Will this really help me?” We think that’s a fair question. If you check out our website, our LinkedIn, and our BLOG, you’ll see that we know what we’re talking about. If you need it, go to this complimentary video, 5 SuperSTAR Coaching Steps. You’ll find key strategies to help you. Then, come back here and enroll today.

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