Hire Up, To Go Up!

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Great leaders hire great people and achieve great results. After working with over 200 companies and over 300,000 managers, I noticed the best leaders always have the best people for two main reasons.

They hire up to go up

So they learn to network and interview well. They end up always having a good pool of waiting candidates. And, they are involved in the selection process and are able to hire better, and  more top talent. Here are 3 critical tips to consider during your selection process:

  • Use the rule of 3-three interviews in different setting from at least three interviewers.
  • Ask more behavioral questions-For example: Describe a time you used project planning and how you did it? (look for details)
  • Check three references-people lie in interviews, and on applications/resumes. Do this to validate what you learn in the interviews and from your connections.

They do a great job of coaching

I had to add this. As a result of great coaching, their team turnover is less 50% less than other managers. This is the essence of employee engagement. So their team performs better and they can be choosy in the hiring process. They can take their time and aren’t desperate, if you know what I mean?

Quite frankly, leadership success isn’t that hard. Just do what other managers don’t do. Invest more (time, effort and money) in your team. They will invest more for you.

People-employees-can achieve incredible things with the right leader. Make it YOU. If you want your team to be better you have to be a better leader.

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Rick and his business partner Doug published these approaches in their book, Superstar Leadership. They created the Superstar Leadership Model as a way to remember and apply the principles.

Rick Conlow International is a consulting and training company that coaches leaders to achieve record-breaking performances in sales growth, customer experience improvement, employee engagement and leadership effectiveness. In this business, Rick also serves managers worldwide online through training and coaching services designed to accelerate their careers and teams’ success.

Contact us: rick@rickconlow.com or 888-313-0514.


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  • Josephine Ng'endo

    Thanks Rick, however, how do we coach people who are already great in their careers? Sadly one may have a Elite group and you are required to train them on a lesser role.

    • Rick Conlow

      Hi Josephine:
      Great question. For top performers, the coaching process takes a different path. Consider the coaches of Olympic athletes who are the elite in their fields. The coaching discussions include:
      1. Getting to the next level.
      2. Challenging them.
      3. Recognizing and rewarding them.
      4. Delegating tasks to them.
      5. New learning.
      6. The career path or next job.
      Note, coaching is a communication process. How we do it is similar from one person to the next. Yet, the context of the discussions are different. I have coached many top performers. They are often the most grateful people, and it’s the most gratifying effort as a leader. Not to coach them is to dis-empower them and our role.

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