How Good is 99.9% Quality Service?

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Who can perfect? Did you ever hear that 99.9% quality service may not be good enough? Check out these statistics and reconsider your thoughts.

What is 99.9% Quality Service?

  • 1,314 phone call misplaced by phone companies every minute
  • 107 incorrect medical procedures performed by doctors daily
  • 18,322 pieces of mail mishandled in the next hour (the US Postal Service Rating is only 73)
  • 810 commercial airline flights would crash every month
  • 20,00 incorrect drug prescriptions will written in the next 12 months
  • 22,000 checks deducted from the wrong bank account every 60 minutes
  • 2 new born babies dropped by doctors each day!

WCW, GenuineCustomerServiceSome things you have to be perfect at, wouldn’t you agree? Some areas of life are high stakes involving the personal safety of customers, and you can’t afford a do-over or mulligan. Other situations aren’t life threatening but certainly will cause the ire, annoyance or frustration of those affected. If you were affected by any of these statistical areas you wouldn’t like it, would you? Regardless, quality and customer service are important. Too many people and companies are nonchalant about it. The American Customer Satisfaction Index tracks customer service in over 500 companies and has been doing since 1994. The US measurement hasn’t improved much and hovers around mediocrity-75-77 CSI.

Companies have improved in many areas particularly related to technology enhancements, but customer expectations are higher. Customers want it all-lower price, higher product quality, and a superior experience. Yet, companies have failed to meet these standards and so the overall impression of customer service has declined. At the same time, manners and civility have taken a beating in our modern society and so customer interactions have deteriorated as well. Consequently, we all need to remember that customers that are ignored go elsewhere. Customer loyalty is becoming more important than profit.


What is your Quality Service Goal?

While all this sounds like bad news, it’s really a good news opportunity. Companies that deliver a better customer experience are more successful.  Managers that focus on exemplary service tend to achieve better results. Employees that have good manners and provide great service are golden and move forward faster in their careers. The bottom-line question is this: how are you doing with your quality service? 

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