How to Handle Sales Objections

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If you are in sales, you know that challenges and objections are part of the gig. How a salesperson responds to such hiccups represents a lot about that sales representative.

There is an anonymous quote that says, “The difference between stumbling blocks and steppingstones is how you use them.” I love this quote because it helps to change the way we view opposition.

What I find fascinating is that everyone in sales knows that resistance is inevitable, yet most sales professionals believe they ought to be an exception to the rule…so when they experience opposition, they take it personally. This is the most serious mistake a salesperson can make when stumbling upon a client’s skepticism. Regardless of how great you are at sales; it is ignorant to think you are an exception to any rule. The best in sales do not make it about them, they make it about their clients. And you cannot predict how your clients will respond, you cannot control their challenges and you cannot avoid their hard questions. Therefore, instead of being shut down by it all, you can use these moments as milestones.

How to Handle Sales Objections5 Tips to Handle Objections Better

Here are five tips to keeping it cool when put under fire by a customer:

  1. Remain open, do not get defensive.
    Again, do not take things personally. If you can make it about their challenge instead of making it about yourself, you will have a much better chance at continuing the conversation and affirming the client’s concerns. Consequently, this is essential if you hope to establish a credible relationship.
  2. Maintain curiosity, ask questions.
    If your clients are apprehensive about something you are trying to sell, ask more questions to really get to the root of their worry. Acknowledging that you want to fully address their concerns can do wonders. Most importantly, demonstrate empathy when they reveal their issues.
  3. Seek to understand, do not strive to explain.
    Too often, when sales reps are challenged, they get flustered and jump into explanatory mode. Unfortunately, they hope that by sharing more information, the client will feel more secure. But throwing more information at a client is pointless if you do not accurately understand his/her real concerns. In sum, listen more.
  4. Be patient and professional.
    If you go into the conversation with one goal: to sell x, y, or z to the client – and you get challenged, you will get frustrated that your goal was not accomplished. However, the key is to make it about the customer from the get-go. Your goal should be to solidify a relationship with the customer, so that you can meet his/her needs as time progresses. If you are pushy about your product, you will end up pushing your client away.
  5. Stay present, do not give up or get grumpy.
    If you are facing resistance, it can be easy to shut down, walk away or give up on the customer altogether. Do not. This requires resilience, and your client will respect your willingness to walk through the hard stuff. Therefore, keep the communication going.

Pulling It All Together

Objections are natural part of a sales process. Even if you do everything right. In conclusion, as Duke Ellington said, “A problem is a chance to do your best.”

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