How to Keep and Attract GREAT Employees

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Organizations are in desperate need to keep employees. This problem has been growing for the last decade. The pandemic exploded the issue. This leadership training video with give you keys to keeping employees. Furthermore, it will describe the absolute necessity to attracting the best employees.

Why is employee retention such a problem? Certainly, the pandemic has caused people of all ages to stay home, work from home, and rethink their careers. It is called the “Great Resignation.” In addition, companies continued to neglect employees–by design and default–with mediocre or toxic workplaces.

5 Forces that Inhibit Keeping and Attracting Employees

How to Keep and Attract GREAT EmployeesNote these negative forces:

  • The continuing pandemic safety issues.
  • Inequalities in pay.
  • 82% of managers fail according to research.
  • HR Teams are compliance oriented not people focused.
  • Employee disengagement is 85% worldwide.

In summary, this means too many poor bosses, and not enough employee support. Therefore, as companies lack loyalty to their employee so do their teams lack loyalty to them. See below seven quotes from real people: 

  • Managers and supervisors should learn to appreciate more than criticize, you will thank yourself later.
  • No matter who you are you yearn for attention – employees are no different.
  • Money though important can never buy a person’s loyalty.
  • It takes a lot of time and energy to build a great employee and only a second to lose one.
  • A happy team means happy customers and profit growth.
  • Many employees take a job for the pay, but they leave for the lack of appreciation.
  • If a leader does not inspire his team, they will expire.

As a result, people are not staying in the workforce as before or are leaving an organization abruptly for more money. Consequently, they are demanding better pay and work cultures. Research shows that 86% of people go online to check company ratings by Indeed, Glassdoor, Customer Guru, and other sources. When these numbers are poor you lose potential great employees. When they are in top quartile you gain them. Management in all organizations must pay attention and make changes. Otherwise, the problem becomes bigger. 

Pulling It All Together

Take notes and watch Rick’s action-packed leadership video on how to keep employees. Give us a “Thumbs Up” if you like this video training. Please share it with others and subscribe to our channel and blog. THANK YOU! Remember, if you want your people to be better, you must become a better leader.

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    Agree with you on the views of trust and loyalty. It’s a 2-way street.

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