How to Listen Effectively and Positively

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Good communicators listen effectively. Leaders that really listen, lead better. Why? When you listen well it projects care, concern, and empathy. As a result, it helps people you relate to feel valued and important.

Whether you are a manager or not, listening is the golden key to effective communication. This communication video training will give you practical skills that you can use today. (CHECKOUT THE COMPLEMENTARY LISTENING CHECKLIST LINK BELOW.)

What is the payoff for better listening? You build trust and respect with your team or others. Positive communication increases. As a result, your team will work together better. They will perform better. This leadership training gives you easy to use steps. Most importantly, apply them. All your relationships will benefit.

Barriers to Effective Listening

How to Listen Effectively and Positively

By listening to someone you are not necessarily agreeing with them. Therefore, the major goal of the listening technique is to better understand the person or employee. And, during that process, to express interest and concern.  As you do this, you help the person, or your employee solve their problem. Consequently, when you listen you project the highest form of courtesy and respect. Successful salesman, businessman, and motivator Bob Conklin says, “To listen, you must want to listen.” That is the first ingredient. Above all, do you care enough to pay attention? All excellent managers listen well. They take time to hear the problems of subordinates, co-workers, or customers.

There are many barriers to effective listening. Here are a few of them:

  • Noise distractions.
  • Interruptions.
  • Differences of opinion.
  • Prejudices or biases.
  • Different priorities.
  • Busyness.
  • No interest.
  • Limited time.
  • Thinking of other things.
  • Believing someone is wrong.
  • Tiredness
  • Perception differences

How to Listen Better

Listening can be tough work. My brother-in-law has counselled AIDs patients. He said, “It was the hardest thing he ever did.” Unfortunately, few managers or people in general want to put in the effort. Often the only reason employees say they do not feel appreciated is because no one listens to them. Therefore, the lack of listening costs businesses millions of dollars a year in poor morale.

In conclusion, first you must want to listen. However, there are other techniques that help. For instance, see the items below.

  • Make eye contact.
  • Remove barriers.
  • Use positive body language.
  • Use the person’s name.
  • Paraphrase what is said.
  • Ask clarifying questions.

Certainly, watch this leadership training video and learn more.  In addition, as up listen better you will improve your communication with others. Likewise, others will value your advice, influence, and relationship. Finally, see this post: 3 Communication Skills with Authentic Power and Positivity.

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