Innovation’s Important Role in Great Customer Service

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How does innovation influence the customer experience your company delivers?

Innovation and customer experience don’t always happen to be topics on the same table – one is associated with “creativity” and the other with “service.” So, what do the two have to do with each other?

A lot. Look at Apple. They are one of the most innovative companies in the world (year over year) and ranked one of the highest when it comes to customer service scores (as we’ve all heard many times before). And these two factors go hand in hand when exceeding customers’ expectations. Innovative companies are dedicated to a newness that keeps their customers coming back for more. It’s almost as if they put a revolving door on their company – always giving customers a reason to return for fresh, novel, revolutionary experiences. Not only does this keep customers from becoming bored, but it gives customers ample reason to take out their wallets every time they enter the store, visit the site or call the service center.

So, what are you doing to ensure your company’s culture exudes innovation that exceeds your customers’ expectations? Well, first things first, do you know what your customers want? And do you have a good gauge on the industry’s trends? These two ride in tandem because great companies determine what their customers will want before their customers even know what they want. If it didn’t work this way, customers wouldn’t be so impressed when companies deliver unprecedented possibilities. Again, let’s return to our reflection on Apple. Their most radical inventions have gone far beyond the borders of anything customers have had before, needed before or known they wanted before. So, as a leader, how do you get ahead of the game, so much so that you anticipate your customers’ needs and wants long before your customers even have an inkling themselves?

Well, there isn’t sufficient time or space right here to answer that question entirely; however, there is one simple suggestion I can give you to get you started: GET UNCOMFORTABLE.

You cannot even begin to break ground if you don’t break personal boundaries. This means you need to let go of what feels like the right way to make way for growth, opportunity and surprise. Comfort is the culprit that keeps results from being revolutionary. When leaders keep operating the same way they’ve always operated, they will keep producing the same outcomes they’ve always received. It’s a no brainer. Be different to give your customers a different experience that sets your business apart.

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