How to Inspire, Coach and Develop People

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Each of our leadership  training videos give you specifics about how to inspire, coach, develop and lead people. It takes a detailed blueprint to build a skyscraper. An architect puts in serious study to learn how to do the plan and work with others to make it a reality. The concept applies to creating and inspiring a team to become high performers.

How to Inspire, Coach and Develop People wcwsuccess-and-learningIn this leadership video clip I will share keys to understanding each person better so you know how to help him or her succeed. Your goal is to enhance self-motivation and self-direction. I just finished a coaching sessions with a VP and he said a key to his success is, “I learned how to lead each person based on what would inspire that person to get to the next level.”

Be a student of the game-keep learning. Over 50% of manages fail based on leadership derailment studies because they don’t have this mindset. Be different, succeed at your goal to inspire people and advance your career.

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  • William H, Jones

    What can so when I get a new boss that lack inter-racial skills to deal and communication with people of color. I am a black male and my new is from southern Indiana and has a attitude about communicating with try to be priority manager. Plus, i was suppose to get my annual raise he said, “NO!” I have at this career for 6 years and this is first time I have never earned my raised in my performance. Then six months later he (supervisor) verbally threatens me at my job, like he is God;s gift to management. Because he is “WHITE!” and in authority! Plus he use to work as a prison guard as well. What Can I do to get this “supervisor into the 20th Century. He seems to have attitude 80% of the time. My previous managers were never this critical or narrow! Please help me. William Jones.

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How to Inspire, Coach and Develop People How to Inspire, Coach and Develop People

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