How to Lead by Example and Accelerate Your Career

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When I first became a supervisor I was told to lead by example. Yet, nobody really told me how to do it in detail. It was almost like you had to be quiet and secretive about what it meant. I have invested over twenty years to learn what to do. It’s now not a secret.

Leading by example is often described as a basic management skill. Unfortunately it isn’t so easy or done very often. Too many managers don’t understand that they have do what they say they will do. If you don’t you lose the trust and respect of employees. Team performance and morale will also suffer. You have to talk the walk and walk the talk. It is called leading by example. It involves integrity. This leadership video will define this clearly. (As a bonus, you will have an assessment to use to check your capabilities.)

 Recent research shows that only 37% of employee’s trust executives. Employee disengagement is 87% worldwide. Leaders are falling short of leadership excellence. YOU don’t have to make this mistake. As a manager you can accelerate your career by learning how to lead by example. When you model the way, your team will follow. They will improve their performance and their results. That’s good news for them and you!

5 Keys Characteristics to Lead by Example

This leadership video clip will give you five key areas  for you to lead by example:

  1. Caring-you want your team to succeed
  2. Commitment-you follow-through on promises and agreements
  3. Communication-you proactively engage your team
  4. Consistency-you focus and stay the course, you can be counted on to do the right things
  5. Character-you are honest, genuine and act with integrity

Each of these areas have 4 key behaviors to define them. (Below there is a link to an complimentary assessment for Leading by Example.)

With examples and enthusiasm learn the details of how to lead by example. Remember this quote: If you want your team to be better you have to be a better leader.

By the way, do YOU want to assess your leading by examples skills? Take this complimentary Leading by Example assessment. 

Or, do you want a proven game-plan for career success? If so, check out Rick’s Superstar Leadership book.

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