Leadership Effectiveness: Achieving Your Personal Best Results

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Have you ever asked yourself this question: how can I be the best manager I can be? Or, how can I use my leadership ability to be the best at what I do?

Here is the way to start to answer that question. Think of a time in your career when you did your best work ever. Choose a situation that exemplifies your highest performance. Olympic athletes today use technology to analyze personal best performance and then compare it to the best in world. Then they use superb training and coaching to bridge the gap to reach their highest potential.

You can initiate this as well through this mental exercise. Get a clear picture of the event in your mind of what you accomplished. Relive it with as many specifics as you can. Replay it in your mind as if it were a movie. Think of the details – people, problems, sounds, feelings and surroundings. Review in your mind what happened, how you behaved, what you felt and what you achieved. This type of mental rehearsal is called the master skill to high achievement. It helps some people to write you answer to these areas:

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  • Describe the situation
  • Outline the challenge or problem
  • Identify your actions as a leader
  • Summarize the end result: customer behavior, teamwork, bottom-line metrics
  • List 3-5 lessons learned

Too often as managers we replay or review our shortcomings or failures not our successes. We focus on the obstacles not the breakthroughs. This actually can diminish your effectiveness as your attention is on the negative.

Next, ask yourself, how can I replicate this positive experience? What lessons learned can I apply to a current challenge or goal? How can I become even more effective?

To be the best leader you can be, make a commitment to personal development and excellence. Attend leadership course, read new books and listen to CDs or watch DVDs. Get a coach to mentor your activities. If you want to be exceptional, do exceptional things. The difference between winners and losers is that the winners do what losers won’t do at all or won’t do enough of. Author John Maxwell said, “Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.”

Boil down all the research and literature that describes successful leaders and here’s what you get: they’re passionate about their vocation, they’re goal-oriented, they coach exceptionally well, they involve themselves in ongoing education and training, they have mentors to guide them, and they become superb communicators.

Adapt these characteristics to yourself and you will become, overtime, the best that leader you can be. Finally, remember this, if you want your people to be better you have to be better.

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