Leadership Engagement = Employee Engagement: 10 Keys

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Leadership engagement creates employee engagement. Recently, a Gallup study showed that highly engaged employees improved to 37% from 34%. There is an upward trend. Wow! This means only about 1 of 3 employees are giving you their full effort. Two of three employees aren’t. That’s still a disaster? Agree? In contrast, in my experience the best managers get everyone into it. If an employees isn’t he or she is not part of the  team.  Thus, poor engagement creates lower sales, productivity, customer service and morale. This costs companies billions of lost revenue and profit. Consequently, manager’s careers are cut short, too. You don’t want those results, do you?

This leadership engagement video shows you how to change all of that. You will learn 10 proven and practical ways to not only engage employees but to inspire them. For example, at a recent meeting with 25 managers I found they all laced written plans for their teams. This means poor communication about goals or expectations. In addition, employees had little buy-in about how to achieve departmental goals. As a results, they demonstrated no creativity to accelerate results. In other words, it was “same old, same old” every day. Talk about a boring work environment.

Leadership Engagement Means Employee Engagement

Leadership engagement studies show that at least 50% of managers fail. They lack of planning, teamwork and people skills. Watch this leadership video clip for answers. Other research shows that 8 of 10 managers lack the capabilities to lead. Therefore, if you learn to do each of the ten strategies better you will succeed. Other managers will fall short. Be a student of the game. Over time you will:

  • Improve your employee engagement and teamwork
  • Motivate, if not inspire your team
  • Achieve higher performance.

By the way, do you want to elevate your leadership engagement to improve employees performance? If so, check out this our latest book: Unparalleled Leadership.

Leadership Engagement = Employee Engagement: 10 Keys Leadership Engagement = Employee Engagement: 10 KeysOr, do you want a proven game-plan for management career success? If so, check out Rick’s Superstar Leadership book. 


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Leadership Engagement = Employee Engagement: 10 Keys Leadership Engagement = Employee Engagement: 10 Keys

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