How to Make a Difference as a Leader

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Our world needs leaders that make a difference, not those who just want to make a buck.

 3 Questions to Rate the DNA of Any Leader

Scan the media in any political or business arena. You can quickly define a leader’s true DNA using these three questions:

  • What does the leader talk about the most?
  • Where does the leader spend most of his or her time?
  • How does the leader treat other people?

What does the leader talk about the most?

How to Make a Difference as a Leader How to Make a Difference as a LeaderGandhi’s message was peace. He eloquently stated, “My life is my message.” His doctrine of ahimsa, or non-violence, was a core principle for him and was exhibited by his genuine love for all life. In addition, his relentless pursuit of his ideals changed a nation, a world and made a positive difference in the lives of millions of people. Therefore, people trusted him.

Too many leaders say one thing and do another. Politicians often give bold promises during the campaign. Yet they fall short on actually changing anything once elected. If a leader talks mainly about her company, or profits mostly herself, you know the person doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, their focus is on selfish gains at the expense of others.

Where does the leader spend most of his or her time?

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, felt discounting was the way to do retailing. What mattered most was how he did it. He believed that you should stick to your values: don’t worry about the money but follow your passion, and take care of your people. Walton spent little time in his office and most of his time in his stores, talking to employees or customers to make a positive difference. Also, he called customers ‘neighbors’ or ‘guests’ and employees ‘associates’ or ‘business partners’. He said, ““If you take care of your people, it is your people who will take care of your customers and the business will take care of itself.” 

Contrast that with recent surveys about CEOs that shows they are in the bottom quarter of trust in the professional population. According to Gallup only 23% believe that most CEOs can be trusted. Why does this happen? If you don’t spend time in a relationship with others you can’t build the trust.

How does the leader treat other people?

How to Make a Difference as a Leader How to Make a Difference as a LeaderWith 85% of the world’s employees are disengaged. It’s evident that they don’t feel valued, respected, or that important to their companies. Leaders at Google do it a different way. Sundar Pichai is the CEO. His team believes that great products come from great people and their organization treats them as such. They also formalize that employees need to spend 20% of their time outside of their work functions. Google values passion, transparency and freedom, which leads to creative employee engagement. Google’s Glassdoor and Indeed ratings are among the best.

Contrast this with research on the political climate in the US. Nearly 70% of people see it getting worse or more hostile than ever. In addition, it seems many political leaders don’t work as hard to collaborate for the good of the country as they do to discredit and bad mouth their opposition or those with contrary views. Consequently, how could anyone believe that leaders who do this will lead authentically or well?

Make a Difference as a Servant Leader

In summary, identify any leader. Rate them with the above questions. If it’s all about them and their ideas, they are ego-centric and selfish. That’s not how you make a positive difference in this world.  Usually their pathways are filled with conflict, confusion and chaos. In contrast, servant leaders focus on others and how to help those in need. They spread hope, optimism and inspiration. Certainly, they are similar to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “Life’s most urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?”

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How to Make a Difference as a Leader How to Make a Difference as a Leader

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