The Manager’s Report Card: How Do YOU or YOUR Boss Rate?

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From a global view the Manager’s Report Card is dismal. Most managers today have to do more with less and are under the gun to achieve bigger objectives. All leaders from the first-line supervisor to the division executive want to exceed their goals, preferably in grand fashion. Who wouldn’t? Yet, the results aren’t that good.

The problem is that few managers are exceeding their goals. Many managers are stressed, anxious, doubtful and living in fear for their jobs. Too many are fed up with office politics and corporate ambiquity. While the economy is improving, growth rates in most companies are sluggish. The pressure is on to improve everywhere. Manager’s leadership practices are at the core of the issue, as shown in this Manager’s Report Card. With some adjustments there is hope that any given manager can turn things around.

The Manager’s Report Card

According to management derailment studies 50% of managers fail. Some say it’s worse than that. This is beyond the normal bell curve. These are massive failures, and those who don’t out-right fail are lacking key approaches that will motivate a team. According to various studies, here is the state of the art for management practices today. (For research citations see my book, Superstar Leadership.

  • 50% of managers don’t know that improving service and quality would reduce operating costs.
  • 50% of managers don’t understand that people repeat behavior that is rewarded.
  • 60% of managers don’t think it is right to recognize an employee in front of others.
  • 67% of managers don’t set and review goals on a regular basis with their employees.
  • 70% of managers don’t know that the best way to solve an employee problem is through a mutual decision-making process.
  • 80% of managers don’t know that observations in performance feedback should focus on specifics, not generalities.
  • 80-95% of service and quality problems are management related.
  • 91% of employees want more recognition and only half say they get any at all.

The Manager's Report Card: How Do YOU or YOUR Boss Rate?The basic elements here are not a comprehensive list, so there are other issues. What grade would you give the universe of managers on this report card? An A, B, C, D or F? Most people say a D or F.

In addition to the above, the #1 reason why employees quit their jobs is because of their bosses. According to a Conference Board Report 55% of employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. Gallup studies say over 80% of employees are disengaged, or in others words they could care less about their company’s goals. Over 70% of employees are looking for another job. What kind of effort do you think they are putting in?

There are more depressing statistics like this, and they consistently show that far too many employees are unhappy because of bad or ineffective bosses. This produces poorer performance, and costs companies billions of dollars in lower productivity, dissatisfied customers, and lost sales and profits. Just as important, a poor boss wreaks havoc with an employee’s career, if not their personal life. It seems the main reason many employees come to work is because the alarm went off, and they have to. Now, with all of these numbers, wouldn’t you agree, managers are missing ways to create a more positive work enviroment, and achieve better results?

Our leaders have to be better; you do to if you are a manager. The good news is you can. To get an A on the Manager’s Report Card you will have to make some changes to improve. Go on a crusade to learn new skills, and maybe even get a coach. Don’t wait on your company training department to help out. Make your leadership development a “do it yourself project.” How do you succeed as a leader and inspire your employees? Do what so many others aren’t doing. Re-ignite your passion with your new learning and a fresh perspective. Focus on your team, and genuinely help them succeed. As a manager, if you want your team to be better, you have to be a better leader.

Despite the Manager’s Report information on how ineffective managers are, there are many good ones, too. I believe in managers and their potential. My whole career has been about supporting managers, and helping them excel in order to bring out the best in their teams. Take this material to heart and keep learning, YOU can do it!

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The Manager's Report Card: How Do YOU or YOUR Boss Rate?Do you want to ramp up your leadership effectiveness? Read the Superstar Leadership book.

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