This is a Lack of Leadership; It’s Demotivation

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The big man came to town, and he was the SVP of Operations, and his hit man reputation preceded him. He was there to “fire” everyone up, and they were nervous. I was worried it may be demotivation not motivation.

This Is a Lack of Leadership; It's Demotivation by Rick ConlowHe stormed into the meeting room-where around 50 people had gathered-fifteen minutes late. I had just started working with the region as a consultant (hired by the COO), and he totally ignored me, and the other managers for that matter. His eyes roomed the room, and then he yelled at the top of his lungs, “You are either on the bus or off the bus.” (I hate those words and others like them) Then he started to berate everyone for poor performance, and challenged them to be better or he would can their a**. I counted his bus phrase about twenty-five times. He would walk up to someone, yell the words in their face, say a few choice words sometimes, get up and find someone new to chew on. After about forty-five minutes, he abruptly left to go to another location to give them his dose of demotivation.

Needless to say everyone was deflated, angry and concerned. It became my job to clean up his mess, and it took the next day or so to calm everyone down, and get focused on what to do to move forward. Eventually we pulled a plan together and significantly improved the results. I didn’t see him again but heard the COO of the company had a meeting with him to have…. a conversation. He eventually was fired, although he had a long career at that company.

Leadership is Positive Influence not Demotivation

This Is a Lack of Leadership; It's Demotivation by Rick ConlowHis antics are not leadership. Others that do this, regardless of their title, are not leaders. It’s been said that leadership is influence. Let me add to that phrase, “leadership is positive influence.”  Without the positive, leadership is like a plane without wings. Negative influence is demotivation, an affront to employees, customers and quite frankly the company. It ought to outlawed, it’s dinasourish, too! It’s not leadership.

Can you relate to this story?

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