The “ONE” Leadership Thing for Communicating Effectively with Employees

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Why don’t managers communicate very well? This management training video will succinctly answer that question. If you are good at communicating effectively, you will ramp up your career.

Unfortunately, research shows that the #1 reason employees leave a job is that they don’t like their boss. Leadership derailment studies demonstrate that at least 50% of managers fail. Many more have serious “people” skill deficiencies. See this list.

The Top Ten Areas Managers Need to Improve

1. Listening
2. Treating people with respect
3. Coaching
4. Dealing with conflict
5. Handling performance problems
6. Speaking at meetings
7. Facilitating meetings
8. Problem-solving
9. Planning
10. Building teamwork.

This is why, worldwide 87% of employees are disengaged! On employee engagement surveys managers get hammered for not communicating well. (all the above items involve communication skills) I mean, who hasn’t worked for a boss who communicates poorly? As a leader, YOU can be better than all of this!!!

The “ONE” Leadership Thing for Communicating Better

Bottom-line, improvement relates to the golden rule. You have to care about the success of your team. If it is all about you as the leader, long term you will lose. Zig Ziglar said it this way, “Give other people what they want and you will get what you want.” In other words, treat people with respect, hold effective meetings, listen to their concerns, do regular coaching, provide helpful and regular training, and positively engage them as individuals and as team. If you get your ego out of the way and focus on the helping the team, they will want to do a better job. This will quickly separate you as a good leader. Finally, I say it this way as well, “If you want your team to be better you have to be a better leader.”


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