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  • Excellence in Management Roadmap
    FREE Membership
    • Focused on supervisors or managers to help them fast-track their career success. You will receive:
    • How to Motivate-NO-Inspire People: 10 Keys to Employee Engagement
    • EIM coaching questionnaire
    • EIM inventory and assessment
    • Communication Style eBook
    • Bluebook Goalsetting guide
    • 12 Powerful videos on key topics (teamwork, performance management, motivation, dealing with performance problems etc.)
    • A convenient-no hassle-membership site to learn and grow
    • Subscription to the Superstar Leadership Blog - over 400 complimentary resources
    • Support communication for success
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  • 30 Minute Real Time Training & Learning
    197 One Time Investment
    • Welcome to our new and unique micro learning experience! Help when you need it, on demand! "On-going learning is the accelerator of life's success and happiness." This material is geared for anyone (with the job title or not) aspiring to make a difference as a leader.
    • You will receive:
    • 27 “Real-Time” Learning & Training modules in three niches: Leadership, Customer Service, Sales/Personal Development
    • An exclusive learning site
    • Unlimited use
    • Easy to use PDF learning format
    • Completed in 30 minutes or less
    • Organized in three parts:  Assess, Study, Apply.
    • Practical and proven value that you can apply today.
    • Sound learning theory supports each competency.
    • New knowledge, inspiration and personal development
    • Career and competency development
    • Plus, as more modules are included during your yearly subscription there is no added investment. "If you increase your learning, you will increase your earning.”
    Investment: One time fee of $197, 100% guaranteed for 30 Days!
  • Advanced Superstar Leadership Membership Site
    $497 One Time Investment
    • This training will help any aspiring manager to fast track their leadership results to the next level. You will receive:
    • Access to our exclusive membership site
    • Access to the RealTime Learning & Training membership site
    • Confidential coaching questionnaire about your goals for development
    • Subscription to the Superstar Leadership blog-over 400 complimentary resources
    • The 68-question Superstar Leadership Assessment and action planning guide
    • The Superstar Leadership book
    • Superstar Leadership Workbook for application and review
    • 12 SuperSTAR Leadership in-depth Leadership Training Videos: goals, training, coaching, motivation, employee engagement, dealing with performance problems, teamwork, communication and more.
    • 1 bonus GoalPower training webinar
    • Focused communication for a 90 Day Fast track plan for success
    Investment: One-time payment of $497 (start anytime, end anytime, 100% guaranteed for 30 days!)
  • Succeeding as Leader Total Development Package
    $997 One Time Investment
    • This high-powered program is aimed at the ambitious who will not leave success to chance. The goal is a step-by-step methodical plan of leadership development. You will receive:
    • All of the ADVANCED Superstar Leadership Membership Site and RealTime Learning & Training site materials are included.
    • Two of Rick's eBooks, Unparalleled Leadership and GoalPower.
    • Subscription to the Superstar Leadership blog-over 400 complimentary resources
    • 7 highly engaging in-depth webinars in critical success areas based 20 years of research from RCI and WCW Partners. Topics include:
      • The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Middle Managers
      • How to Handle Employee Performance Problems
      • How to Drive Employee Engagement
      • How to Delegate Effectively
      • How to Proactively Plan to Win with Your Team
      • Managing with Leadership Flexibility
      • 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers
    Investment: One-time payment of $997 (start anytime, end anytime, 100% guaranteed for 30 days!)

Keep learning to accelerate your career, and your team’s performance!

I was a manager inside organizations just like you. Early in my career I worked for four different companies. I wanted to succeed, and make a difference. I had a desire to learn, so I attended over 100 training programs in a little over fifteen years. I noticed only a few of my peers made a similar effort to learn. My results improved dramatically, I moved up, achieved five promotions, started three consulting firms and authored over 20 books. YOU can achieve incredible things, too! Olympics athletes train 10,000 hours over four years to compete with the best. The world’s top companies train employees 60-70 hours a year. Why not enroll today and ramp it up?

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