The Philosophy of Management: “Earn” these Things!

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“You have to earn these things.” This is a simple but powerful statement about The Philosophy of Management. It suggests a leadership lesson any manager must learn or re-learn. However,  it is absent in so many individuals in positions of authority and influence. Watch this leadership training video as it defines this profound principle.

The Philosophy of Management

The Philosophy of Management: "Earn" these Things!We are all in an era of colossal business change, leadership distrust, and employee disengagement. We need better leaders. Yet, there is a vacuum in leadership effectiveness in many areas. Many have forgotten or ignore what really works. Leadership isn’t really about profit, the stock price or a person’s pocketbook or a strategic plan. It’s about PEOPLE! Therefore, it’s about trust, personal character and integrity. It also is about the respect of others. All of these ignite enthusiasm, initiative, loyalty, devotion of hearts, minds, and souls in employees. A positive relationship with employees is far more powerful than the job title. There are far too many bad bosses out there. It’s worthy to note that the #1 reason employees quit a job is because of a horrible boss.

Do you want to be a good boss? A real leader? Above all, serve your team. Take the philosophy of management video to heart. Learn the three simple but unique ways to earn these things. Great leaders focus on the relationship with their team. They don’t hide behind their title or company organizational chart.

Quick Bio of Clarence Francis

After graduating from Amherst College in 1910, Clarence Francis went to New York City to apply for a job with Standard Oil. He made a mistake by going to the wrong office. So, he landed a job with Corn Products Refining Company instead. Clarence’s philosophy of management served him well as he worked his way up to Chairman of the Board of Directors of General Foods in 1954. He became an expert in the food industry and its distribution. Likewise, he also served US President FDR and US President Dwight D. Eisenhower in a variety of capacities.

The Philosophy of Management appears ahead of its time. Clarence had it right. The major approach to management at the time was Frederick Taylor’s Scientific Management Principles. Additional leadership theories over the years emerged to include: the great man, behavioral, situational and transformational approaches. Over the years, numerous researchers studied and shared new ways to lead. Consequently, Amazon sells over 50,000 different leadership and management books. Some progress has been made. Unfortunately, it is nowhere near in comparison to the advances in technology. Companies and managers seem to be regressing.

The Philosophy of Management: "Earn" these Things!So, many managers or executives fail because of the seduction of greed, ego-fulfillment, power, and influence. This has derailed the careers of many managers. The lack of consistent leadership trust has created a schism between management and employees. It hovers over the workplace like a pack of wolves chasing its prey. Therefore, employee engagement and productivity gains are lower. Learn the three key approaches in the management video training. Then, watch your team excel and your career soar. Furthermore, you will transform from being a manager to a leader.

The Philosophy of Management Challenge


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