The Plague of Employee Dissatisfaction and Disengagement

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Employee dissatisfaction and disengagement is at all-time highs. Employee engagement is a plague because nearly all companies struggle in trying to improve it. Few do well at it. As a result, 87% of the worlds employees are disengaged. This costs the US economy 1% of the $20 trillion dollar economy, that’s at least 500 billion dollars.  This isn’t counting partially disengaged employees. Watch this employee engagement video training. It will give you seven behaviors that foster great employee involvement and morale.

Managers Cause Employee Dissatisfaction

The Plague of Employee Dissatisfaction and DisengagementManagers today have to get off their high horse to engage their teams. Especially the poor ones, which means companies have to make serious changes. This includes how they measure performance, how they promote, the culture, and the preparation and training of managers. Leadership engagement creates employee dissatisfaction or engagement.

People have to be priority one. If a manager is better at leading, the team will be more engaged. Managers and companies today have to recognize employees as partners not peons to implement their every demand. Employees are the greatest resource of a company, so why not treat them that way?  An engaged employee has higher performance, fewer days off, better customer service or sales and greater morale. What company doesn’t want that? Therefore, if you are manager, why not learn to engage your team! So, you have to study and practice to become a better leader. Review these behaviors that minimize employee dissatisfaction while improving morale.

7 Leadership Behaviors that Create Employee Engagement

The Plague of Employee Dissatisfaction and Disengagement1. Respect

2. Positive team meetings

3. One on one coaching sessions

4. Problems solving together

5. Self-Development and training

6. Positive outlook and praise

7. Integrity

Summing it all Up

By applying the above behaviors managers communicate with employees in a variety of sincere and genuine ways. The #1 reason for poor engagement is poor leadership communication. If you believe in people and help them succeed, good things happen.

Consequently, think about these approaches, and apply them. Learn to get better at each. You will “fire up” your team and begin achieving excellent results. Give this employee engagement video training a “thumbs up” by making it happen.  Think about it, if you know something but never use it, do you really know it? Results rule for successful leaders.

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