A Positive Mindset that Overwhelms Defeat

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Is it hard for you to keep a positive mindset in the midst of failure or struggles? Do you ever get down and just want to quit? Have you felt that the the same old positive thinking approaches don’t work anymore?

A Renewed Positive Mindset Affirmation

Tohei Sensei from Chicago visited our Aikido dojo in St. Paul. He watched our children practice new moves in their class along with the other students. Consequently, most struggled with the training as they progressed and as more was expected of them. Consequently, they had a negative not a positive mindset or viewpoint.

A Positive Mindset that Overwhelms DefeatAbruptly, Tohei Sensei stopped the class to discuss learning, growing, and staying centered. He called a boy to the front of the class and asked him: “Do you have a million dollars?”  The boy giggled and said, “No!” Sensei shared, “Instead of  NO, remain open to the possibility and say, NOT YET!” As a result, it became a powerful motivational affirmation for the class.

Pandemics & Problems with a Positive Mindset

As this pandemic reminds us, life is rife with struggles, problems, stressors, and setbacks. Therefore, none of them are easy to cope with. But, we do have tremendous control over our thinking and perspective about all life situations. For instance, research in neuroscience and positive thinking supports this long held wisdom.

Above all, these teachings remind us that we will not be perfect when dealing with our challenges in life. If we say “No” or “I can’t” to change or improvement we make a finite answer and the problem becomes our master. However, if we say, “Not yet”, we give ourselves permission to think optimistically, not negatively, with a positive mindset. And, to do this while making mistakes or in the midst of painful troubles.

Pulling It All Together

A Positive Mindset that Overwhelms DefeatAikido is often defined as the way of a harmonizing spirit. Furthermore, it is a philosophy involves overcoming self rather than the opponent. Also, it means learning to have a positive mindset in dealing with fear, doubt or worry. Therefore, do not resist the struggle, embrace it. Seek peace and relaxation during the problem by visualizing goal succes and better outcomes. For example:

  • Is the pandemic over? “Not yet!”
  • Are those debts paid? “Not yet!”
  • Do I have a new job? “Not yet!”
  • Have I learned that skill? “Not yet!”
  • I am I cancer-free? “Not yet!”

As we think differently and make this positive mindset switch, most importantly, we remain flexible and open to positive possibilities that could happen or may even overwhelm defeat. Consider, Mahatma Gandhi’s statement, “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

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