30 Minute Real-Time Training FREE Through May 2020

New! (Due to covid19, it’s our pleasure to offer this to YOU FREE for a Limited Time)

30 Minutes 0f Micro-Learning & Training When You Need It, On Demand, At YOUR Fingertips!

If you increase your learning, you will increase your earning.” Real-Time Learning is designed in four niches: LeadershipCustomer Service & Sales/Personal Development.

Most modules can be completed in approximately 30 minutes or less to give you the help you need, when you need it. Sound learning theory supports each competency. Each is organized in a unique bite size course:

  1. Self-assessment (5-8 minutes)…measure it!
  2. Article (5-6 minutes)…study it!
  3. Video and Application questions (10-15 minutes)…reinforce and apply it!

We are pleased to offer RealTime Learning & Training complimentary for a limited time (April/May 2019) due the covid-19 virus. Keep learning during this time, stay healthy and safe!


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