Achieving Personal Excellence

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Achieving Personal Excellence

How do you achieve your personal best in your career?

This Real Time Learning Module will give you 5 critical traits for Achieving Personal Excellence no matter what your career.  Each trait is defined with key behaviors that you can replicate and apply to your job or vocation. This module includes:

  • A Personal Excellence Assessment to identify your strengths and growth areas.
  • An action-packed article that will challenge and uplift your thinking about what and how to do it.
  • In addition, the video training provides inspiring examples and motivational concepts you can apply immediately to succeed in your goals.

Finally, this RealTime Learning & Training 30-minute microlearning module focuses you on proven and practical steps that will improve your capabilities and mindset.

2 reviews for Achieving Personal Excellence

  1. Kelli

    Nice! I learned to be more self-aware and focused. Helpful and practical module. Thanks.

  2. Patrick Loke

    Having been thru the last 30 years of my career life, I have achieved the personal success that I set out to have and am now in semi-retirement. I walked the path before and I agree with your pointers. In short, one has to invest into himself, the time, the money, and the effort to go and do that extra mile, the results will show up eventually and definitely.

    • Rick Conlow

      Hi Patrick:
      I like how you described your career approach. Personal excellence is not a one time act. It is a lifestyle. Thanks.

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