Advanced SuperSTAR Leadership Membership Site

$997.00 or $97.00 / month for 12 months

You will learn:

  1. The 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers.
  2. How to Establish Trust with Your Team.
  3. How to increase Employee Engagement.
  4. 3 Ways to Motivate Poor Performers.
  5. How to make Performance Management work.
  6. Key skills for Communicating Positively and Proactively.
  7. How to Motivate People to Achieve Team Goals.
  8. 2 Kinds of Coaching and a 5 Step Process to Coach for Excellence.
  9. How to Create a High Performance Team.
  10. How to Become one of the Best Leaders anywhere.

You will receive:

  • One-year access to our all exclusive membership site for your convenience, focus and success.
  • One-year access to the RealTime Learning & Training membership site with over 130 support and reinforcement resources.
  • Confidential coaching questionnaire about your goals for development.
  • Subscription to the Superstar Leadership blog-over 400 complimentary resources.
  • The 68-question Superstar Leadership Assessment and action planning guide.
  • The Superstar Leadership eBook.
  • Superstar Leadership Workbook for application, excellent execution, and review.
  • 12 SuperSTAR Leadership in-depth Leadership Training Videos: goals, training, coaching, motivation. employee engagement, dealing with performance problems, teamwork, communication and more.
  • 3 bonus leadership and personal development webinars.
  • Focused communication for a 90 Day Fast track plan for success.
  • RCI support, encouragement and guidance.
One Time Payment of $997 or 12 Monthly Payments of $97



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