eBook: Creating a High Performance Team

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7 Lessons for Team Mastery!

Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.) is the spoken acronym, and nearly 2/3 of teams falter and fail. Most others fall short of their intended objectives.

You can change that for any team you are a part of or lead. This eBook gives you seven legendary lessons related to great teams. Study and apply them; you will gain superb progress and acclaim.

6 reviews for eBook: Creating a High Performance Team

  1. Kate

    This book was/is a very helpful guide for engaging and strengthening my team – something I’ve been struggling with prior to reading it. We are becoming more organized, more efficient, and overall, I think everyone is happier.

  2. Siobhan

  3. MC

    Much more in-depth than I thought it would be. Great examples and detailed steps to teambuilding. Awesome

  4. Sahanuni Alhassan

    GREAT material, I am deeply in love with the high performance formula. I learnt so many new things. Highly recommended

    • Rick Conlow

      Hi Sahanuni!
      Thanks for the comment. We have found the High Performaance Formula focuses manager on what facilitates a team’s success. Glad it was helpful.

  5. Patrick Loke

    This book is very real and useful. It resonated with me as I recalled how I have been building up teams for the projects from recruitment, during the execution, and eventually demobilization towards the end of each of the projects. There is one thing that I’d like to share, that is as Leaders, our team members are constantly on the lookout for how their leader behaves, performs, consistently fair treatment to internal staff and to external parties. Indirectly, they will subconsciously follow your way of managing and leading, thsi is much more than what the leader told them what they should be doing.


    “Fortune magazine’s 100 best companies to work for consistently provide an average of 50 to 60 hours of training or more per employee per year. You might not have that kind of budget or training department capacity but don’t worry about this. Learn and equip yourself with a basic understanding of training lessons”. For me the above quote from the book embodies the spirit and letter of the book. We need to know how to create a high performing team if we are to excel as managers.

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