Excellence in Management eBook

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This eBook presents six keys to excellence in management. Examples of “best” and “worst” managers are provided for comparison. Exercises and case studies explain how to succeed in leading, communicating, persuading and influencing people, creating superior service, managing time, and much more.


This eBook presents seven keys to excellence in management. Learn what the best managers do through over 10, 000 who participated in the EIM training program. Managers excelled by implementing the principles and achieved.

  • Higher productivity.
  • Better customer service.
  • Enhanced sales.
  • Improved teamwork.

The Excellence in Management eBook

You will learn:

  1. Examples of “best” and “worst” managers challenge your thinking through case studies.
  2. Strengths and areas for development is an EIM assessment
  3. How to conduct performance management through setting clear goals and expectations with your team.
  4. How to recognize performance positively.
  5. How to handle problems proactively and positively.
  6. How to management four types of employees with flexibility.
  7. How to communicate, communicate, communicate.
  8. How to hire and keep the best people.
  9. How to create uncommon teamwork.

It has been said the great end of life is not knowledge but action. With exercises and application this “hands on” eBook will challenge you to learn and apply the EIM principles.  Excellence in management is not what you know but what you do with what you know.

3 reviews for Excellence in Management eBook

  1. Siobhan

    I like the interactive activities to apply the key principles of management. Nice overview of key performance management skills.

  2. Patrick Loke

    I’d regard this as the handbook for managers. It addresses all the salient pointers as experienced from the real world of happeningsput across in concise point form, workbook format that makes it easy for understanding and retention of knowledge. Highly recomended.

  3. Dickson Sedzi

    Every topic handled in this book was presented thoroughly. No vagueness, no hiding behind any jargons to impress.

    It is a work book, a go to guide. Awesome.

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