Excellent Supervisory Skills eBook: High Peformance Training


Excellent Supervisory Skills eBook is more than a book. It is a high-performance training, that engages the reader to immediately apply what they are learning. The material will help new and experienced supervisors. And they all need on-going learning and training. Employee retention and engagement have plummeted, and they are crucial to a company’s success. High-performing supervisors are worth their weight in gold.

This eBook Focuses on Five Major Competency Areas:

  1. Working With People Successfully by influencing employees to be their best
  2. Managing for High Performance by leading with flexibility
  3. Communicating With Others Proactively by taking the time to interact and be available
  4. Coaching for Excellence by motivating and mentoring people one/one
  5. Dealing with Change Positively by focusing on what you can control and manage

Each section provides case studies, assessments, checklist, application exercises, activities and training tools for fast learning and real-world applications. In addition, a Supervisory video training at the end of the book challenges to elevate your performance. If you want to advance your career and increase your team’s engagement and performance, get this eBook today!



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