GoalPower eBook: How to Increase Your Personal Performance and Career Success

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In the eBook: GoalPower, How to Increase Personal Performance and Career Success, you will gain a roadmap that only the best follow. The problem is that goal setting gets a bad rap. Too many people have set goals and never attained them. The steps in GoalPower are an amalgamation of the best success advice from Napoleon Hill, Dr. Denis Waitley, Tony Robbins, William Clement Stone, Claude Bristol, and others in the self-help field.

You will receive:

  • 21 Action Exercises to guide you in applying the GoalPower principles
  • 93 pages of golden content to achieving the success you desire.
  • Plus, Rick’s positive and uplifting video training: How to Set and Achieve Your Goals.

Read this eBook now to help you:

  1. Focus on what matters most to you
    2. Set specific career and life changing goals
    3. Achieve the dreams you never reached
    4. Realize more career success
    5. Gain more personal satisfaction at work and home
    6. Bolster your self-confidence
    7. Gain a proven approach to enjoying your job and family more

GoalPower gives you proven advice plus action activities to put the concepts to work-now! The eBook is in an easy-to-use fillable format so you can save your notes, answers, and comments.

You will learn:

  • 4 key questions you must ask about your success
  • 6 concepts and action activities to reinforce your strengths and self confidence
  • The 5 Laws of GoalPower
  • 12 steps to successful personal and career goal setting
  • 5 action exercises to guide you in achieving your goals
  • 11-time management tips that work
  • 4 keys to personal self-mastery
  • 5 characteristics of adding value
  • 2 self-assessments to rate how well you communicate and cooperate with others vital to your success
  • How to measure if you are really making a difference in your life and career
  • And, much much more!





6 reviews for GoalPower eBook: How to Increase Your Personal Performance and Career Success

  1. Victory

    Hey, good to find soneome who agrees with me. GMTA.

  2. kelli

    Excellent step-by-step guide. I love the exercises and that the eBook is fillable! Very helpful and motivating

  3. Dania

    The most effective goal-setting and achieving material I have seen. Detailed and specific guidance and interactive exercises. Awesome!

    • Rick Conlow (verified owner)

      Hi Dania:
      May you have great success in the New Year!

  4. MC

    This eBook is full of positive exercises that helped set new goals and plans for the year. Nice job!

  5. Siobhan

    Positive thinking and acting to the max! Wow!

  6. Dickson Sedzi

    We come across concepts, we are told to make plans, we are admonished to persevere, to be resilient etc but no on shows you how to do it. In this ebook, concepts are not only defined but you are shown how to implement the concepts for your personal growth.

    • Rick Conlow (verified owner)

      Hi Dickson:
      Thanks for the great review and comment. Glad you like GoalPower. It is one of my favorite books.

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