Great Teambuilding Methods: Fast-Track MicroTraining


Great Teambuilding Methods: Fast-Track MicroTraining

This Great Teambuilding Methods: FastTrack MicroTraining module explains that teambuilding is about art and science. This means content and process. Most teams focus on content. Now this is the science about reaching goals. This includes planning, executing, and reviewing results. Then comes the art. This is process of how people work together. How this is done makes or breaks a team.

Everyone is busy, right? Lots of things to do, including you. How can you keep learning, so you career stays on track? FastTrack! RCI’s new approach and design to teach what you need now without having to get a four-year degree.

Most team fail to exceed their goals. You can be different and elevate your team to success.  The leader sets the tone and impacts 70% of the results. You must learn how teams work. This takes diligence, persistence, hard work and learning. So, focus, go the extra mile and do not give. You will be rewarded.

FastTrack has four tracks: Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, and Personal development. Each topic includes three short but poignant resources. Each takes a couple of minutes to review: a article, assessment or video. Boom! You learn something now and move on to apply it. Check it out.

In this module you will gain three resources:

  • Article: Creating a High-Performance Team and Accelerating Results.
  • Video/Article: 5 Stages of Terrific Teamwork that Work.
  • Article: 6 Turnaround Tactics for a Failing Team.

“A manager has the title, but the leader wins the team.” Rick Conlow



RCI’s Consulting, Coaching & Training Approach

Purpose & Plan

RCI’s purpose elevates “People-first” through #ServantLeadership. We accelerate Leadership trust, employee engagement, and customer engagement. We lead the charge in the next revolution in leadership thought and practice that embraces the “power of people.”

RCI partners with companies by applying high-performance strategies to coach, train, and consult to achieve breakthrough results through their management teams. We believe in Sservant Leadership, leading by example, high-perforamnce coaching, and leading with integrity.Servant Leadership is about “them” not I or we.

Research shows it is the most effective leadership approach. We passionately and relentlessly focus on this undiscovered potential. Too many companies are enamored by technology. While a company must keep pace, too many have lost the loyalty of their teams in the process. As a result, organizations experience toxic workplaces, bad bosses, employee retention issues, and the GREAT RESIGNATION.

High Performance Results

With the rise of AI technology and automation employees are the forgotten critical success factor to a company’s success. Today, too many organizational cultures inhibit employee engagement even with the best of intentions. As a result, poor execution leads to lower sales growth, profit, or customer loyalty.

With a people-first focus through Servant Leadershipi RCI client’s achieved:

  • EX gains 15-20 points
  • CX gains 12-19 points
  • NPS scores of 68-95%
  • eNPS 60-85%
  • Employee turnover reduced four times
  • Sales gains 48%, 75%, 122%, 212%
  • 48 Quality Service Awards
  • ROI: 187: 1


RCI also publishes our blog and digital leadership and personal development learning modules, assessments, eBooks, and training programs. We offer over 400 posts on our Superstar Leadership blog.

In addition, our RealTime Learning & Training subscription provides over 250 resources.  Furthermore, we provide over a hundred added learning resources for self-directed and team development.

See our resources above and check out the RCI store.


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