How to Fire an Employee: 5 Humane Tips


How to Fire an Employee: 5 Humane Tips 

Taking steps to fire an employee is hard for most managers. Let alone do it well and humanely. When an employee is fired, it affects their career and family. We owe it to them to it with empathy. Too often managers deal with performance issues and terminations poorly. First, they put it off. And second, they take short cuts to get it done.

This RealTime Learning and Training module: How to Fire an Employee: 5 Humane Tips challenges you to elevate your thinking and actions. Part of the termination process begins by preventing it. Are you doing all you can to coach and train the employee towards success? However, if the employee does not respond positively consider the proven process and practical steps in this module.

Paul Foster, CEO and Founder, The Business Therapist states, “Dealing with Employee issues can be difficult, but not dealing with them can be worse.”

This module includes:

  • An Assessment to measure your approach to employee termination and poor performance.
  • Video training that gives you specific examples to walk you through the termination process.
  • An article that reviews the prevention and action.

Whether your company provides training or not, this module is for you. Take the initiative, keep learning, and put your people-first!  The best managers keep training to stay sharp. Finally, this RealTime Learning & Training 30-minute microlearning module focuses you on proven and practical steps to achieve your personal or service goals. May the best of success be yours!



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