How to Train and Coach New Employees to Superstars: P3+E OJT

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How to Train and Coach New Employees to Superstars: P3+E OJT

Employee retention is crucial today in this volatile marketplace. Team leaders, supervisors and managers must learn how to d0 effective on-the-job-training. Most do not. This leadership learning package gives you the formula that the US government invested $2B to perfect: P3+E.

New employees are vulnerable to failure and disenchantment if the company has a poor:

  • On boarding process
  • On-the-job training

Learn this P3+E process become a manager that excels in helping new employees succeed. In this power packed learning package:


  • THE p3 + E formula.
  • Details that outline the steps to train a new employee in on almost any job.
  • Success techniques that come from experience with over 200 companies.
  • A sample tracking form.
  • A supportive leadership article with 10 tips to become a better manager.
  • A webinar entitled: 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers.


  1. How to show an employee how to do a job.
  2. How to help them learn on their own.
  3. How to help them master a task.
  4. How to help review their progress.
  5. How to become a better manager and coach.

The learning package is quick and to the point. It will put you on the right track to helping new employees start succeeding their first day on the job.  It will give you a key tool for improving employee engagement and increasing employee retention.

2 reviews for How to Train and Coach New Employees to Superstars: P3+E OJT

  1. MC

    Very helpful with our employee onboarding. Our employees ramp up faster. Great stuff.

  2. Dickson Sedzi

    Every section of this module was handled beautifully. There are lots of information to help managers onboard and train new employees.

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