Leadership Trust Defined: Fast-Track MicroTraining


Leadership Trust Defined: Fast-Track MicroTraining

Leadership Trust Defined shares what employee know. Leadership trust is seriously broken. Employee disengagement at 85% worldwide demonstrates it. In addition, the Great Resignation and Quit provides it. Now, what are you going to do about it? This microtraining module gives you insight and ideas to start with your team or career.

Everyone is busy, right? Lots of things to do, including you. How can you keep learning, so you career stays on track? FastTrack! RCI’s novel approach and design to teach what you need now without having to get a four-year degree. Learn it, use it, and apply it. Quick and to the point-learning for now. Also, see our newest leadership, 21 Servant Leadership Lessons. Or, our eBook: The 5 Disciplines of Servant Leadership.

Effective leadership focuses on the team not their title. They do this by building positive relationship with people. It is not about the reporting structure or organizational chart. Be a leader of the future-now. Learn to invest in your team and help them win. When you do you will succeed as a leader.

Keep an open mind as you review this module. Become a learner. Try out the strategies and learn some more. Do it all genuinely. You must want your employees to grow and win. Within weeks to months, you will discover the difference. Now, it takes work, time, and commitment. But it will same time and problems later. In addition, check our more in-depth training: Performance Management that Works: How to Do it Right!

FastTrack has four tracks: Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, and Personal development. Each topic includes three short but poignant resources. Each takes a couple of minutes to review: an article, assessment, or video. Boom! You learn something now and move on and go for it. Check it out.

In this Leadership module you will gain three resources:

  • Article: The Greatest Leadership Myth Busted
  • Article: Leadership Promises Broken: A Lack of Integrity
  • Article: Creating Leadership Trust that Inspires People

“Servant Leaders live by trust through elevating people-first.”   Rick Conlow




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