Leadership Webinar: Coaching for Excellence


Coaching for Excellence

Coaching is the secret sauce for leadership success. This true for any manager but particularly for middle managers. The single greatest impact on an employee’s success is his or her direct supervisor. Unfortunately, most managers do this poorly. Some are lazy, many are poorly trained, and others do not care. Learn to coach well and your team will perform better.

For over 25 years we have seen the power of coaching in our consulting practice. Coaching for excellence requires skill improvement. In addition, a manager must value and care about people. Otherwise coaching comes across as a procedure to check the box. It will lack empathy.

This crucial webinar (Pre-recorded Online seminar) focuses on one of the most important strategies that separates the best leaders from the rest-Coaching for Excellence!

Want or need a breakthrough in your career?

Do you desire to ramp up your team to be high performers?

Need to accelerate your success as a leader now?

Are you aiming for a promotion?

Certainly, if you answer YES to any of these, ENROLL IN THIS SESSION TODAY!

You will learn:

  • 2 powerful types of types of coaching.
  •  5 key effective coaching steps.
  • When to coach and why
  • To broaden the skills of our high
    potential performers. (Which is everyone)
  • Become a more confident and better leader!
  • Achieve improved results with less stress!

You will receive:

  • Upon completion of your order, you will receive a link for the pre-recorded Coaching for Excellence webinar.
  • Notes that are fillable you can record your learnings and thoughts throughout the webinar.
  • A certificate of completion.

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Succeeding as a Leader Webinar SeriesOverall, The Succeeding as a Leader Webinar series entails these programs.

  1. The 5 Biggest Problems Managers Face
  2. Handle Poor Employee Performance Positively
  3. How to Drive Employee Engagement
  4. How to Delegate Effectively
  5. 5 Superstar Coaching for Excellence Steps
  6. 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers
  7. Proactively Planning to Win with Your Team
  8. Leading with Flexibility


The Succeeding as a Leader webinars are packed with real-life successful experience. RCI and Rick Conlow have worked with over 200 companies, and 500,000 managers worldwide. As a result, you will learn to apply the Superstar Leadership Model. In addition, you will gain a servant leadership approach, and other bottom-line oriented strategies. Most noteworthy, these approaches helped our clients achieve:Succeeding as a Leader Webinar Series

  • 95% NPS, improving CX scores 19 points.
  • 69% eNPS, increasing EX scores 16 points.
  • 4X decrease in employee turnover.
  • 60% reductions in customer complaints.
  • 48-122% sales increases.
  • 48 Quality Service Awards.

Enroll today and learn how to achieve these results and more!


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