Leadership Webinar: The 5 Biggest Challenges of Middle Managers

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What are the biggest challenges managers face today? A manager’s career is often made or broken on how problems are handled. It does not have to be that way. As a manager you can learn from the best and rise above the rest. This webinar (Online pre-recorded seminar) will define five significant issues and the details and proven approaches in dealing with them.

Want or need a breakthrough in your career?

Do you desire to ramp up your team to be high performers?

Need to accelerate your success as a leader now?

Are you aiming for a promotion?

Certainly, if you answer YES to any of these, ENROLL IN THIS SESSION TODAY! Succeeding as a Leader Webinar Series


  • Learn five key issues facing managers.
  • Outline steps to improve results.
  • How to handle change.
  • Steps to turn the disengaged employees to engaged employees.
  • How to build team commitment.
  • Tips and ideas to become a better manager.


  • Upon completion of your order, you will receive a link for the 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Managers Webinar.
  • Notes that are fillable you can record your learnings and thoughts throughout the webinar.
  • A certificate of completion.

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Succeeding as a Leader Webinar SeriesOverall, The Succeeding as a Leader Webinar series entails these programs.

  1. The 5 Biggest Problems Managers Face
  2. Handle Poor Employee Performance Positively
  3. How to Drive Employee Engagement
  4. How to Delegate Effectively
  5. 5 Superstar Coaching for Excellence Steps
  6. 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers
  7. Proactively Planning to Win with Your Team
  8. Leading with Flexibility


The Succeeding as a Leader webinars are packed with real-life successful experience. RCI and Rick Conlow have worked with over 200 companies, and 500,000 managers worldwide. As a result, you will learn to apply the Superstar Leadership Model. In addition, you will gain a servant leadership approach, and other bottom-line oriented strategies. Most noteworthy, these approaches helped our clients achieve:Succeeding as a Leader Webinar Series

  • 95% NPS, improving CX scores 19 points.
  • 69% eNPS, increasing EX scores 16 points.
  • 4X decrease in employee turnover.
  • 60% reductions in customer complaints.
  • 48-122% sales increases.
  • 48 Quality Service Awards.

Enroll today and learn how to achieve these results and more!

2 reviews for Leadership Webinar: The 5 Biggest Challenges of Middle Managers

  1. Patrick Loke

    It’s never easy especially for the 1st time manager, invest into yourself to learn more but nothing beats having a good mentor for the needed advice and sharing of his/ her experiences.

  2. Dickson Sedzi

    The session was very informative, it dealt with topics from communication, conflict, employee engagement etc.

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