New! Creating a High-Performing Team: 10 Leadership Lessons to FastTrack Results


Want to turn your team into high performers? It starts with you. We are delighted to showcase this innovative self-directed learning approach.  In one special PDF learning packet you get access to “hand-picked” lessons proven to work to enhance your skills to facilitate great teamwork.

These lessons will power you ahead if you are new in a job and want to start fast. Or you are experienced and want a new approach for better results. Or you desire to reignite your passion. As Steven Covey declared, “True greatness will be achieved through the abundant mind that works selflessly – with mutual respect, for mutual benefit.”

You will learn:

  • How to gain team commitment and input to focus on a winning team plan.
  • How to turnaround a failing team.
  •  Specific behaviors and values to lead by example.
  • How to deal with a hybrid and remote workforce.
  • A coaching process that drives success.
  • In depth team development strategies.
  • How to lead team meetings that get results.
  • Inspiration, motivation, and affirmation!
  • New ideas, skills to increase your competence, confidence, and commitment.

In this learning packet you will gain 10 Powerful Lessons (each lesson is link to a learning resource)

  • Lesson 1: Intro: RealTime Learning & Training Module: How to Create a High Performing Team. (Assessment, article, and video training)
  • Lesson 2-Video: 6 Turnaround Tactics for a Failing Team.
  • Lesson 3-Video: 3 Ways to Plan with Your Team.
  • Lesson 4-Video: How to Lead by Example.
  • Lesson 5-Blog: 5 Tips for Leading a Remote Workforce.
  • Lesson 6-SSL Blog: 7 Robust Rules for Creating a High Performing Team.
  • 7-SSL Blog: Focus on Coaching to Improve Team Performance.
  • Lesson 8-Video: How to Lead a Great Team Meeting.
  • Lesson 9-SSL Blog: 25 Team Leadership Quotes that Inspire Greatness
  • Lesson 10-eBook: How to Create a High-Performance Team.

In addition, this fillable learning packet on How to Create a High-Performing Team, provides you guidance to track your progress, action planning, and learning. May the best of success be yours!



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