The 5 Disciplines of High Impact Coaching

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The 5 Disciplines of High Impact Coaching

How is high impact coaching different? The difference means elevating your skills to another level. It is like moving from college sports to the major leagues. The talent is better and the speed faster.

This Real Time Learning Module will help you learn 5 crucial disciplines of high impact coaching.  By learning these and executing them brilliantly over time you can out distance your peers and competitors. For example, one of our clients wanted to improve sales to existing customers while increasing customer retention. They are a good company founded 85 years ago. A goal was set at 15% improvement with a bonus to managers. Our company implemented high impacted coaching skills with the organization. They achieved a 75% gain. Wow! The company was delighted. RCI has replicated these results many times over.

The payoff for impact coaching involves changing the perspective of employees. It teaches them to think and believe bigger while they receive the skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary to achieve breakthrough high performance.

You will receive:

In this module you will gain techniques for The 5 Disciplines of High Impact Coaching that will set you apart from other executives, managers, coaches, consultants, and trainers.

  • A High Impact Coaching Assessment to identify your strengths and growth areas.
  • An action-packed article about the 11 mistakes managers make in coaching.
  • Video training to inspire you by challenging you with the 5 disciplines of high impact coaching.

Finally, this RealTime, Learning & Training 30-minute microlearning module focuses you on proven and practical steps to achieve the leadership and team success you desire. Go for it!

4 reviews for The 5 Disciplines of High Impact Coaching

  1. Patrick Loke

    Agree. Real results will only come about when the truths are communicated. Sometimes the hard truths cannot be easily accepted. It takes courage to tact to communicate the truths even if they are the bad news. The real good consultant will do this even if sometimes it may be taken as offensive. It’s only for the deserving clients who should learn to embrace this for the full value they paid to the consultant. E.g Simon Sinek.

  2. Dickson Sedzi

    Great leaders are not often popular, they set high standards and move the team to achieving it. They focus on current performance and the potential future performance.

    I am also impressed on the clarity given on micromanagement and daily coaching.

  3. Allen Hansen

    Great material. It will elevate my coaching to the next level.

  4. MC

    I consider myself a good coach. Rick’s learning module gave me a whole new perspective on how to inspire and help my team. Excellent!

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