Powerful Communication Tips to Get Along with Others

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Relationships at work and home are made or broken because of how you communicate with others. The #1 reason for poor employee engagement is the lack of communication. Part of that problem relates to the fact that most CEOs? say their best skill is their ability to communicate. Duh?! Something does not jive here.

This Real Time Learning Module will give you the tools to communicate powerfully. Now, you will have to work at it. Anyone learning new skills does not become a master overnight. Many managers or people talk about communicating effectively. The power in your communication comes down to whether you walk the talk. You will be challenged as in all our modules to change your thinking and actions for the better. (Make sure to check out these resources, too: Communicating Powerfully and Positively with Your Team and Communication Style Assessment and eBook) George Bernard Shaw declared, “The problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

In this module you will receive Powerful Communication Tips to Get Along with Others that will make a positive difference with your team, co-workers, and your career.

You will receive:

  • A Communication Assessment to identify your strengths and growth areas.
  • An action-packed article to establish you in the rule of getting along with others and 7 communication tips that matter.
  • Video training to inspire you in applying how to make a positive communication impact and ensure a genuine impact.

Finally, this RealTime Learning & Training 30-minute microlearning module focuses you on proven and practical steps to achieve the leadership success you desire. Go for it!

3 reviews for Powerful Communication Tips to Get Along with Others

  1. Patrick Loke

    Great Tips. I like to add to the awareness of the transactional analysis approach, the physical environment and hierachy status for positional power do also play a part in communication and getting along with others, especially in the Asian context whereby the face-saving and culture can have their own issues for proper communications.

  2. Dickson Sedzi

    To be able to communicate well, we must do our best to listen to what others are saying. The 7 tips of communication are very informative.

  3. Shane Woolford

    This information on communication was great. Positive Communication is the key to success.

    • Rick Conlow

      Thanks Shane!

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