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How to Be a SuperSTAR Employee: How to Increase Personal Performance and Career Success! (eBook)

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GoalPower gives you proven advice plus action activities to put the concepts to work-now! The eBook is in a easy to use fillable format so you can save your notes, answers and insights. You will learn:

  • 4 key questions you must ask about your career success
  • 6 concepts and action activities to reinforce you strengths and self confidence
  • The 5 Laws of SuperSTARS
  • 12 steps to successful personal and career goalsetting
  • 5 action exercises to guide you in achieving your goals
  • 11 time management tips that work
  • 4 keys to personal self-mastery
  • 5 characteristics of adding value
  • 2 self-assessments to rate how well you communicate and cooperate with others vital to your success
  • How to measure if you are really making a difference in your life and career
  • And, much much more!


How do you set yourself apart from others and ramp up your career success? Success leaves clues and as you study the stars of any industry or profession you will notice key characteristics.

How to Be a SuperSTAR Employee will guide you through 21 success principles and action steps to revolutionize your personal habits and commitment to succeed. Superstars breakthrough and that is what you will do as you read and apply the proven success strategies in this engaging book.

(This ebook is the same as the GoalPower ebook, slightly changed for an employee focus.) Do you want  more self-confidence? Personal Pride? Career Opportunities?

Read this eBook now to help you:

1. Focus on what matters most to you
2. Set specific career and life changing goals
3. Achieve the dreams you never reached
4. Develop your job skills to realize more career success
5. Gain more personal satisfaction at work and home
6. Bolster you self-confidence
7. Gain a proven approach to enjoying your job and family more
8. Learn and apply 21 success principles and action steps.
9. Achieve higher performance and set yourself apart from others.

1 review for How to Be a SuperSTAR Employee: How to Increase Personal Performance and Career Success! (eBook)

  1. Allen

    Excellent! Easy to read with practical and helpful tips to advance my career. Thanks.

    • Rick Conlow

      Thank you Allen.

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