Performance Management that Works: How to do it right!

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Performance Management that Works: How to do it right!

Employee disengagement is rampant. Employees hate performance reviews. Managers do as well. So, performance management sings the blues. Right now, there is a crisis in the workplace. Good employees are hard to find and keep.

This learning package will show you how to change all of that for you and your organization. The main prerequisite is that you want to help people and become a good if not great manager. As publisher Doug Conant said, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”


  • A self-contained digital learning package that gives you step-by-step guidance on how to have regular performance discussions with your team that are open, honest, and helpful.
  • An employee goal and planning process that is employee centered but performance driven.
  • A performance management process proven in many of RCI clients that creates performance reviews that are motivational and most often with few surprises.
  • How to Conduct and Outstanding Performance Review video training that presents a tried-and-true approaches.
  • A Coaching for Excellence webinar that teaches you the skills to make performance work!


  • How to deal with your team genuinely and positively.
  • Why you need regular performance discussions and how it helps your team and you.
  • How to execute a five-step goal and planning process with your team.
  • How to conduct an outstanding performance review.
  • 9 tips for conducting performance discussions and reviews.
  • Coaching skills that empower your team and achieves results.

Do you want to excel as a manager? First, believe in your team’s potential. Second, keep learning and get this Performance Management that Works learning package today!


1 review for Performance Management that Works: How to do it right!

  1. Dickson Sedzi

    This indeed is a manuscript for performance review. I will not call it the “blue book” but rather “duplicate” for I am going to use the guide therein word for word.

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