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New! Now over 190 Resources for Micro-Learning & Training When You Need It, On Demand, for Your Entire Organization!

We believe, “if you increase your learning, you will increase your earning” in today’s marketplace. Too many people and companies put on-going learning on the back burner. We are in the digital age and continuous learning is paramount. Bottom-line, your team will gain increased competence, confidence and commitment to their career development and success. This is leads to higher employee engagement, customer service, and productivity.

Real-Time Learning is designed in four niches: LeadershipCustomer Service, Sales, and Personal and Career Development. These are about the emotional intelligence or “people skills” of the organization. Research says they will drive the company of the future to success. The materials include expanded learning modules and shorter resources and tools. With this private learning site, you receive thirty-two highly engaging 30-minute micro-learning modules in these niches. Examples of topics include:

  • 5 Exceptional Steps to Leading by Example
  • How to Get the Promotion You Want
  • Delegating Effectively
  • How to Set and Achieve Your Goals
  • High Impact Coaching
  • How to Build Leadership Trust
  • How to Become a Sales Superstar
  • 7 Keys to Unleash Employee Engagement, Motivation and Success
  • How to Conduct an Outstanding Performance Review
  • How to Create a High-Performance Team
  • How to Lead a Great Team Meeting
  • How to Fire Someone Humanely NOT Horrifically
  • 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers
  • How to Become a Customer Service Superstar
  • How to Survive a Bad Boss
  • Positive Thinking to Achieve Your Goals
  • Achieving Personal Excellence
  • A 4 Step Career Development Catalyst Plan
  • Powerful Communication Tips to Getting Along with Others

Most of these modules can be completed in approximately 30-minutes or less to give an employee the help needed, when it is needed. Sound learning theory supports each competency. In addition, each module is organized in a fillable and downloadable PDF format with three parts:

  1. Self-assessment (5-8 minutes) …measure it!
  2. Article (5-6 minutes) …study it!
  3. Video and Application questions (10-15 minutes) …reinforce and apply it!

In addition, this power packed site includes over 110 other learning resources (and counting!) through short videos, assessments, articles, eBooks, and the most popular posts from our Superstar Leadership Blog.

RealTime Learning and Training is knowledge on demand anywhere you need it in bit sized pieces. Your employees will experience continuous learning opportunities. Also, you can track progress on key learning modules. Note, there is no additional cost as new materials are added during your lease period. Act today on this excellent investment that will help accelerate employee morale!

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