SuperSTAR Customer Service 3-Disc DVD Training Set


Develop your skills, manage yourself, master your ability to address the relationship problems experienced by your company, and you can go anywhere you want to go! Job satisfaction, success, and personal accomplishment are all within your grasp!

This SuperSTAR Customer Service video training contains the following seven training videos:

  1. The Challenge of Customer Service
  2. Moments of Magic 1 – Mental Psyche
  3. Moments of Magic 2 – The Greeting
  4. Moments of Magic 3 – Meeting the Need
  5. Moments of Magic 4 – Follow-through
  6. Moments of Magic 5 – Handling Problems
  7. Applying SuperSTAR Customer Service

To optimize your training with the SuperSTAR Customer Service videos, use the SuperSTAR Customer Service book with the video training.

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