SuperSTAR Leadership DVD – 3 Disc Set


These SuperSTAR Leadership DVDs, identify key habits of the best and worst bosses. This training uses nine key performance drivers to evaluate and help leaders more quickly increase results and sustain them. With the expert navigation of Rick Conlow, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Disc one: How to revolutionize performance – why over 50% of managers fail, and how to be better than that.
  • Disc two: The ten key success secrets of great managers that make up the SuperSTAR Leadership Model.
  • Disc three: Advanced strategies and details of the model, to challenge you to apply the principles and succeed.


When looking at managers and those in leadership, you encounter the good, the bad, and the inept. There are even those rare souls who are excellent bosses, who achieve great results while retaining their staff’s loyalty, affection and exemplary performance. Who are these elite performers—these SuperSTAR leaders? And how can you become one?

Do you want to earn more money for your company? Do you want to electrify your department? Do you want to increase customer loyalty, sales, and productivity while simultaneously decreasing turnover, improving innovation, and having fun? It is not impossible. You can have these results and be a SuperSTAR Leader with the nine strategies of The SuperSTAR Leadership Model.

To optimize your training with the SuperSTAR Leadership videos, use the SuperSTAR Leadership book and the SuperSTAR Leadership Workbook with the video training.


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