Updated! SuperSTAR Leadership 31-Day Performance Plan

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This leadership training is geared for new supervisors, team leaders, middle managers, training managers, coaches or department managers. Each who need to become more effective for any number of important and career crucial reasons. This self-study performance plan provides a helpful and positive way to obtain needed guidance in a positive, practical cost effective manner.

You will receive: 

  • IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD OF THIS DIGITAL PRODUCT: A Superstar Leadership 31-Day Performance Plan Learning Packet. It includes downloads and links to everything you need. Including the Superstar Leadership book, Superstar Leadership Workbook, 3 SuperSTAR Leadership Training Videos, the 68-question Superstar Leadership Assessment and action planning guide
  • 31-Day Performance Plan outline:
  1. Week 1: Begin reading the book, one “chapter” a day for 31 days to accelerate your career and performance. Most “chapters” are 4 to 6 pages. Begin completing the workbook. Take SuperSTAR Leadership Assessment. Complete action plan. These will be continued throughout the 31 days.
  2. Week 2: Watch Leadership training video #1: Introduction. Mid-month Webinar: 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers.
  3. Week 3: Watch Leadership training video #2: The SuperSTAR Leadership Model
  4. Week 4: Watch Leadership training video #3: What Kind of Boss are You? Review and update action plan.

Investment: $97.00. As you follow-through, your ROI for yourself and your team will be significant! You’ll see the research to substantiate this in our book.

You will learn:

  1. How to build a high performing team.
  2. How to communicate powerfully and positively.
  3. How to coach for results.
  4. How to set goals and plans with your team.
  5. How to manage each person uniquely with flexibility.
  6. How to deal with team conflict.
  7. How to train effectively.
  8. How to inspire, reward and excite you team to work together.
  9. How to motivate people.
  10. How to lead with integrity.
  11. How to be a better leader and achieve your objectives.



SuperSTAR Leadership Training eBook: Are you frustrated with your current success? Or, do you just want more and faster? When you started  your leadership responsibilities, did you think that by this point in time you would be further along than you are now? What has been holding you back from having the success you desire – and deserve? Is it that you know exactly what to do and how to do it, but are having difficulty implementing it?

Or, perhaps you are implementing things just fine – just the way you have learned  – but you just aren’t getting the kinds of results you think you should? Or, is it deeper than that – you don’t know what you don’t know?

Have you ever thought, I wish I had someone I could just ask…maybe you have been stuck on a particular step in something, and wished you had someone you could talk to who has “been there, done that”, to answer your question instead of struggling through it yourself?

SuperSTAR Leadership Training eBook

SuperSTAR Leadership 31-Day Performance PlanWhat if you had the step-by-step directions that showed you exactly what to do and how to do it, so you could apply it today with your team?

That’s exactly what our new Superstar Leadership Self-Study Performance Plan will do…and I’m so confident this will be the difference that will supercharge your leadership success, and get you the results you deserve.

You probably have bought multiple books and gone to many workshop each promising to show you one or two techniques or methods for getting the success you’re looking for. The information may seem solid, it makes a lot of sense – maybe you have even tried the advice, and it works – but the problem is, you don’t know how to put it all together. Try as you might, you just can’t piece together everything you learn so it becomes a solid system – and perhaps that is what is holding you back from having the success  you really deserve.

What do you want out of your leadership position?

Let’s switch gears for a moment, let me ask you this:

What do you want to accomplish in your SuperSTAR Leadership position?

Do you want more recognition for a job well done? Do you want to advance your career with a promotion? Do you need your team to raise its level of performance? How much more money do you want to make? Think about that for a moment. Do you want to have the freedom to spend more time with your wife or husband? Do you want to have more time to spend with your children? What do YOU want?

Maybe you want everything I have listed, now ask yourself: What would it mean to you to have all that you want? What would it really mean for you? Think about that for a second. What would it really mean to you, deep down inside? Is it respect from your family and peers because you finally made it as a leader? Is it a personal feeling of satisfaction, knowing you accomplished something powerful?

What is holding you back from accomplishing everything you deserve in your leadership role? Is a lack of knowledge holding you back? Or maybe you have so much information you are ready to drown in it – but you don’t know where to start, how to put everything together in the right order to become successful leader you know you deserve to be?

Maybe you keep trying, starting over and over again, but not having someone you can talk with, a mentor, someone who can help answer your questions, someone who has “been there, done that” is holding you back?

Maybe you are simply frustrated because you have tried so hard…and you see other people succeeding…but try as you might, you just haven’t been able to “break the code” for the kind of  success you are looking for? What is holding you back from achieving your leadership goals?

You see, you know deep down inside that plenty of people are making really good money in their leadership positions. Perhaps you know someone in your personal life who is excelling beyond description. Perhaps you have seen some of your peers getting all the accolades, winning all the awards, gaining the promotions – so you know it works, but you just can’t figure it out yourself.

You know you could have the success you want– if only you knew the code, knew exactly what you needed to do to get it right. Other people do it – and some in really big ways – but it is just so frustrating that you aren’t doing it. Our SuperSTAR Leadership 31-Day Performance Plan is geared to help you achieve the breakthrough you need.

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5 reviews for Updated! SuperSTAR Leadership 31-Day Performance Plan

  1. Greg

    Good self-study. Took me a little longer than 31 days but has been very helpful.

  2. Susan M

    Great program! I was waiting for this to go on sale and got it for 20% off – well worth it! There are a lot of techniques that I’ve been able to use with my team daily.

  3. Thomas

    I do recommend this plan/program. You have to be disciplined for self-lead programs but there’s a lot of good stuff in this one that I didn’t know about before. I’m hoping there’s a follow-up program to this coming…

  4. MC

    Every manager needs this. It gave me many pointers, a game plan for helping my team, and an encouraging shot in the arm.

  5. Allen

    Excellent. The book, assessment, videos, and workbook were a great way for me to learn and apply the Superstar Leadership Model. I am implementing new strategies and it is working. Thank you!

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