The Customer Experience Difference: Fast-Track MicroTraining


The Customer Experience Difference: Fast-Track MicroTraining

The customer experience difference makes or breaks a company. Today’s battleground involves customer loyalty. Companies that get that win. The others lose. RCI partnered with companies to win forty-eight quality service awards. In addition, those efforts delivered Net Promoter Scores for CX 60-95% and eNet Promoter scores for EX 60-85%. A lucrative bottom-line linkage connects the two concepts.

However, to do this everyone is busy, right? Lots of things to do, including you. How can you keep learning, so you career stays on track? FastTrack! RCI’s novel approach and design to teach what you need now without having to get a four-year degree. Learn it, use it, and apply it. Quick and to the point-learning for now. Also, see our newest leadership, 21 Servant Leadership Lessons. Or, our eBook: The 5 Disciplines of Servant Leadership.

Improving the customer experience requires an improved culture and organizational focus. For most companies it is a doable process. With a laser vision, a sound game-plan, and diligent effort remarkable things can happen. However, it does not have to take forever to see results. One $20B client tried for four years on their own to improve. With our partnership they began to see positive improvement in four months.

Keep an open mind as you review this module. Become a learner. Try out the strategies and learn some more. Do it all genuinely. You must want your employees to grow and win. Within weeks to months, you will discover the difference. Now, it takes work, time, and commitment. But it will save time and problems later. Contact us for insight: RCI CX/EX Leadership Consulting or call: 612-868-8521.

FastTrack has four tracks: Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, and Personal development. Each topic includes three short but poignant resources. Each takes a couple of minutes to review: an article, assessment, or video. Boom! You learn something now and move on and go for it. Check it out.

In this Leadership module you will gain three resources:

  • Article: Human Sigma: The Lucrative Link for Better Results
  • Video/Article: 10 Reasons Customer Experience Efforts Fail
  • Article: Achieving and Sustaining Customer Experience Leadership

“A company’s customer experience today defines their success in the future!”      Rick Conlow




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