RCI Thinkwise 360 Leadership Assessments

RCI ThinkWise incorporates the power of RCI’s assessments into a premier on-demand 360 leadership leadership development tool. A web-based service that’s designed for the hectic schedule of the modern executive and leaders.

RCI ThinkWise Offers:

Custom 360 leadership coaching and development tools.

  • Build a development plan that’s tailored to your personal needs.
  • Set objectives, manage your progress, and complete your plan on a schedule that works for you.
  • 360 degree leadership survey assessments pre-packaged or custom designed for your organization.
  • 360 degree team development assessments.
  • Hiring Tools for recruiting and assessment.
  • Thinkbox online learning to support all assessments development plans

Build strengths, explore potential limitations, and maximize your leadership or team potential with RCI ThinkWise.

Reach out to RCI today for a walk-through or demo of the ThinkWise Assessment Resources.

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