Reaping Results: Review, Reinforce, and Reward

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“The obscure, we eventually see; the completely obvious, it seems, takes a bit longer.”
~Edward Murrow~

We often focus our energy on finding the secret formula to successful leadership, when in reality, it’s not a secret and it’s not a formula. It’s not obscure, it’s obvious: it’s in our observations. With all things in life, where we focus our attention determines the direction of our awareness.

Can you believe these statistics? (For research details, check out our corresponding VBlog here).

  • 40-50% of employee time is unproductive.
  • 85% of employees are disengaged worldwide.
  • Over 60% of employees are not motivated toward their company’s goals.

How effective can employees be if this is what they are experiencing? We can’t expect much, unless we change something. The greatest leadership principle of all time is be a student in the game. The second you start thinking you have it figured out becomes the same second you stop seeing potential solutions.

According to the Jackson ROI Study, which is referenced in the great book, The Carrot Principle, companies who do a better job at recognition have a triple return on equity and a much higher morale. And according to the SHRM, companies with high morale have five times the impact on stocks.

In our latest book, The SuperSTAR Leadership Model: Good Boss, Bad Boss, Which One Are You?, we look at the habits of every kind of boss and how that either works for their employees or it doesn’t. Leaders either miss what matters or make it matter. What gets reviewed, reinforced and rewarded- often reaps results. Take the time to observe the obvious.

Also, we want to hear from you! Have a story about a boss? Share it with us.

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