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Your success as a manager is often linked to whether you are recruiting and hiring winners. Too many managers are unaware of key good practices. Unfortunately, not all managers have complete control over the selection process. Some managers inherit the employees they oversee. At times, complicated corporate or human resources policies make it difficult to hire the better candidates. Or, you lose the chance. Today, excellent talent is working. When they decide to find a new job, they get a new one in less than two weeks.

RECRUITING AND HIRING WINNERS: 11 Excellent TipsRecruiters and managers need to understand good selection practices. According to a Gallup poll, the best managers find and develop the best people. That is to say, they are methodical about finding talented people. In addition, they invest in their development and training. Unfortunately, many managers use poor, outdated, illegal, and sometimes harmful methods that put their companies at great risk. Then, they are haphazard about their training and coaching efforts.

Better Recruiting and Hiring Reduces Turnover

This leadership recruiting video will give you 11 recruiting tips that helped one company reduce their employee turnover by 3X. Turnover is a pain. If you are constantly training new employees, you regularly lose ground. Research shows that a $60,000-per-year salaried employee costs $55,000 to recruit and train. That’s 92% of one year’s salary. Bottom-line, poor turnover costs negatively impact company. Above all, high turnover rates suggest that management is missing opportunities for better service, sales, quality, or profit.

This recruiting and hiring video will emphasize that hiring good people begins with a commitment to always be recruiting. Therefore, I say recruiting is part of a manager’s job. Thus, it’s not just the recruiters job. It takes teamwork. Also, if you only recruit when you need someone it takes longer to fill empty positions. As a result, you may take shortcuts. Or,  make stupid mistakes in your effort to get the job filled. The highly competitive job market is not going anywhere. There are not enough talented people to go around. As baby boomers retire, recruiting and hiring winners is crucial.

Recruiting and Hiring Strategies to Attract Candidates

Today’s generation of workers are making more demands. Consequently, companies are becoming more creative in their recruiting strategies with options such as the following. For example:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Variable benefits
  • Hiring bonuses
  • Internships
  • Work from home hours
  • Educational reimbursement
  • More work/life balance
  • Fitness programs
  • Hosting engaging group events like white water rafting, skiing, ropes course, etc

Recruiting and Hiring Methods

Managers today need to be engaged in on-going recruiting. Therefore, any manager can benefit from learning more about optional methods. For instance:

Networking – First of all, talk to people through your normal networking channels. Keep a file and ask for recommendations.
Internal candidates – In addition, keep in contact with people within your company. They can be good prospects.
Associations – Join professional associations in your areas of expertise to find new leads.
College campuses – Get on campus to job fairs or through a network of professors to find new talent.
Internet – Search online through the different job-posting services.  So, try Indeed,, CareerBuilder and Glassdoor.
Want ads – The newspaper is still an optional source.
Job agencies – There is a host of new nimble organizations like Jobvite, LinkedIn, and Ziprecruiter.
Public job service programs – However, they tend to generate lesser quality leads.

Finally, some research suggests 80% of the job candidates you need will come through networking. Make this a high priority while you implement the other strategies in the management training.

In summary,  watch this recruiting and hiring video for the tips, take notes and be willing to try new things. Remember, recruiting is marketing today. You are marketing to get the best people available. You have to be your best to do this. Finally, the best managers always have the best people and results.

RECRUITING AND HIRING WINNERS: 11 Excellent TipsWant to accelerate your leadership and coaching skills to better keep employees that you hire? See this complimentary guide: Coaching for Results. 

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