The Secret (Simple) Sales Strategy

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Are you in sales? Great. Think back to previous conversations you have had with your clients. Think back to the first five minutes of your first customer interactions. What was it about? Chances are…the center of the conversation revolved around you.

If that is the truth – own up to it. And now, change it.

You probably spewed out your experience, your company’s story, your products, your services, your other clients, your success, the awards you have won, the accomplishments you have achieved, etc. You know, all that impressive, interesting information…that nobody really wants to hear, except YOU.

 The Secret (Simple) Sales StrategyThe Biggest Sales Mistake Ever

Research show that early on in a sales relationship, the biggest sales mistake is when you do all the talking. You know what I mean. Your customer could really care less about this stuff (initially). Another time, another day, when a relationship has been built, you can share these fascinating little facts. But, during this first interaction, it is critical to focus on your customer.

The easiest way to hit this argument home is to put you in any other setting. Anytime you meet new people, what happens when they go on and on about themselves. You probably lose interest immediately and leave the conversation convinced their ego is reason enough to avoid them in the future. If you started rambling about yourself, your story, your experience, your skills, your success, they would internally roll their eyes and silently redirect attention. So, why do sales professionals seem to think the same does not apply to them in the sales realm?

11 Sales Tips that Put the Customer First

Your customers want the focus – all of it – to be on them, their needs, and their story. So, make it that way. A few suggestions on how to make it more about them and less about you:

  1. Ask them questions.
  2. Explain your reasons for wanting to talk with them.
  3. Share a story that would be meaningful to them.
  4. Understand before you explore.
  5. Explicitly explore their needs and expectations.
  6. Only make promises when you can commit to fulfilling them.
  7. Give them something that will give them a taste of what you are selling.
  8. Make specific statements, avoid ambiguous, blanket statements.
  9. Do your research, it shows that you respect their time.
  10. Be original, do something in that first sales interaction that will leave them with a good first impression.
  11. Close the conversation with a follow-up clincher. You do not want them wondering about what to expect.

The best sales reps put your clients first. Everybody wants to be prioritized. So, make it about them when it matters, and hopefully, they will return the favor by making it about you when a decision needs to be made. But do it authentically, do it genuinely. Selfless sales are the secret to sales success.


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