Servant Leadership: The Antidote to Toxic Workplaces

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Servant Leadership is the antidote to toxic workplaces. Unfortunately, toxic offices, plants, stores, and managers abound. Too often companies take advantage of employees and treat them as lower class citizens. Employees want and need leaders who are humane, empathetic and skilled in emotional intelligence. Managers of the future will have the people skills to lead highly productive and engaging hybrid work teams. Their priority will be people-first.

The Cost of Toxic Workplaces

Research shows that:

  • 85% of the world’s employees are disengaged.
  • 82% of managers fail.
  • The #1 reason people quit a job is they hate their boss.
  • In the US,CEO pay is the highest in the world 351 times more than the average employee. From 1978 to 2020, CEO pay rose, with inflation-adjustment, 1,322%–this is double stock market growth and astronomical to the pitiful 18.0% gain by employees.
  • Companies lose $22 trillion dollars a year globally in poor productivity and performance because of toxic workplaces.

Employees Feedback on Toxic Workplaces

Servant Leadership: The antidote to toxic workplaces.

This Servant leadership training will show you a positive alternative. Now, it helps if a company elevates its culture. However, if it does not, any manager can learn Servant Leadership skills to create a high-performing team with their employees.

Notice these sample but recent angry comments from employees about their companies:

  • We work from home, but you do not trust us, so we do check-ins all day.
  • We have a hybrid workplace, but you cut the pay of people working remote.
  • No one wants to work here; our pay and turnover are terrible.
  • You gave large bonuses and raises to executives but not the employees.
  • You gave a raise but only at the rate of inflation. Those are not raises. We stayed even.
  • You cut support, training ,and shift expenses for people working at home.
  • You ask us to do more with less…every year.
  • The managers here do not listen or follow-up. Besides, they are in too many meetings.
  • You forced us back into the office!!!

Organizations and managers must do better to compete in the workplace today and tomorrow. We need people-first focus through Servant Leadership. This means doing business with ethics, integrity, character, and honor. Employees with the above attitudes do not perform well. They look for different jobs. Recent surveys show that 61% of all employees are looking for another job. A record 4.2 million employee quit their jobs late last year. As any manager knows, poor employee retention degrades productivity, quality, and customer service. Leaders who learn how to change and improve this, achieve positive gains for the team, company, and themselves.

Pulling It All Together

Servant Leadership: The antidote to toxic workplaces.

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