Servant Leadership: The Future of Work

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The future of work demands Servant leadership. Why? Because of high employee disengagement, and management failure. This is evident by the Great Resignation and quiet quitting. Organizations must do better. All managers must do better to accelerate their career and team success. Unfortunately, toxic cultures and bad bosses tend to rule. This leadership video training provides eleven examples of this that leads to broken trust in the workplace. Furthermore, the video clip reviews–The State of Art of Leadership. It includes:

  • 85% worldwide disengagement
  • 82% of managers failing. In addition, to combat this applying accepted research,

Rick outlines what employees want and need to excel. This is critical for managers to understand this and become Servant Leaders. If you want to inspire your team to achieve high performance and realize more career success watch the video.

Servant Leadership: The Future of WorkServant Leadership Strategies

The leadership training video gives you proven approaches. Rick’s clients gained:

  • 48 quality service awards including JD Power, Ford’s President Award, and Canada’s Consumers Choice Award.
  • Record-breaking sales year after year:  48%-212% gains in sales.
  • 15-20 points on customer experience surveys.
  • NPS scores of 60-94.5%.
  • 12-14 points on employee engagement surveys.
  • eNPS scores of 60-85%.
  • 4X reduction in employee turnover

In this video clip you will learn:

  •  7 Ways to Elevate Your Leadership Skills
  • 10 Principles of Servant Leadership
  • 7 Signature Traits of Servant Leaders
  • 5 Dynamics of Servant Leaders.

Servant Leadership: The Future of WorkThe Servant Leadership Payoff

Specific examples provide a way to help you understand the concepts. However, you will need to do more learning to execute the strategies effectively. The video training sums up by providing the ROI payoff of Servant Leadership, and how to earn great employee loyalty and commitment. A servant leader’s goal involves building trust and helping each person tap their powerful and positive potential.

Pulling It All Together

Your future of work depends on your leadership competence, confidence, and commitment. Consequently, build on what you learn in this Servant Leadership training video. Keep learning and focus on people-first. As a result, you will achieve a positive future of work. As Robert Greenleaf declares, “A Leader is one who ventures and takes the risks of going out ahead to show the way and whom others follow, voluntarily, because they are persuaded that the leader’s path is the right one-for them, probably better than they could devise for themselves.”


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  • Jesse

    Your blog is a treasure trove of wisdom and positivity I appreciate how you always seem to know just what your readers need to hear.

    • Rick Conlow

      Hi Jesse:
      Glad you find value in our blog. Thank you.

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