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In our latest book, The SuperSTAR Leadership Model: Good Boss, Bad Boss, Which One Are You?, we identify the differences that separate the best bosses from the bad bosses.

A leader’s ability to stand out as a SuperSTAR can be due to any number of characteristics, such as: personality, approach, priorities, communication style, etc. Alternatively, a bad boss may bear qualities and dispositions that are anything but appealing. There are plenty of combinations that come together to make someone a good boss or a bad boss.

We want to hear from you! We want you to share your story of a good boss and/or a bad boss that you’ve experienced. Let us know what made them good or bad; here are a few questions to help you identify what it is you liked/loathed about the leader:

  • How did they develop you?
  • How did they make you feel?
  • How did they treat you and others?
  • What priorities did they have?
  • What sort of communicator were they?
  • How did they respond when something went wrong?
  • How did they delegate responsibilities?
  • What made them effective/ineffective as a leader?
  • Did they inspire others? If so, how did they go about this? If not, what kept them from doing this?
  • How did they present information?
  • How did they celebrate wins?
  • How did they learn from loss?
  • What about their personality made them a pleasure or a pain to be around?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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