Silver Level: SuperSTAR Leadership – A 31 Day Plan

Are you facing significant challenges or problems in your supervisory or management career? This dynamic program is geared toward new supervisors, team leaders, middle managers or department managers who want or need personal coaching and training to advance their career to the next level. Through the material below, you will receive positive and practical guidance to achieve the results you desire for less than $100!  There are 150 million managers worldwide, and derailment studies show that 50%-67% of managers fail. This “ridiculously low-price” is offered to help any manager who is serious about improving their skills and that of their teams. There is NO OTHER program like this – we’ve looked! Enroll today!

This program includes:

  • Confidential coaching questionnaire about goals for development
  • A copy of Doug and Rick’s Superstar Leadership Self-Study Plan: Superstar Leadership book, Superstar Leadership Workbook, 3 SuperSTAR Leadership Training Videos, the 68-question Superstar Leadership Assessment and action planning guide
  • 31 Day schedule:
    • Week 1: Begin reading the book, one “chapter” a day for 31 days to accelerate your career and performance. Most “chapters” are 4 to 6 pages. Begin completing the workbook. Take SuperSTAR Leadership Assessment. Complete action plan.
    • Week 2: Watch Leadership training video #1: Introduction. Mid-month Webinar: 10 Success Secrets of Great Managers
    • Week 3: Watch Leadership training video #2: The SuperSTAR Leadership Model
    • Week 4: Watch Leadership training video #3: What Kind of Boss are You? Review and update action plan.
  • Investment: only $97.00! As you follow-through, your ROI will be astronomically higher than that! You’ll see the research to substantiate this in our book.

Some of you may be thinking, “Will this really help me?” We think that’s a fair question. If you check out our website, our LinkedIn, and our BLOG, you’ll see that we know what we’re talking about. If you need it, go to this complimentary video, 5 SuperSTAR Coaching Steps. You’ll find key strategies to help you. Then, come back here and enroll today.

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